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My Fitness Ah-Ha Moment

I haven’t written anything about physical fitness because I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING PHYSICAL IN MONTHS.

Everybody’s doing it…

I spoke with my sister today and one of the first things she said was, “I’ve started cooking more and I’ve lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks!” A girlfriend here on Guam is trying to get back in the 100’s and stay there! This chick I went to high school went (and her husband) are always sweating to some intense fitness routine.

It’s time I get back to work!

To be fair…

I’ve lost 30 lbs. Whoo-hoo!

195 to 175

[From 195 to 180…]

But, I still have a ways to go AND it’s not all about the weight.

How it all began…

I’ve been working out since I was 6 months old. No, but seriously…I remember being 8 years old and dieting. In my family, if you’re drinking water it’s because you’re dieting. If you’re eating salads, it’s because you’re dieting. If you’re walking everyday, you guessed it — dieting. The goal has never been to be strong, get healthy, or train for a marathon. I’ve never focused on losing weight for health’s sake. Consequently, I always fell short.

(two months ago) The days of Insanity 

August 2013 Iphone 227


090313 083

090313 119

[I did Insanity for 30 days, but feel off during the 2nd month. I lost 6 lbs. the first 30 days. I felt pretty amazing.] 

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about the last time I went for a walk/run just for my health. I’m still thinking…

As a mom, I’m constantly evaluating my life. Moms, you know that when kids come along all of your habits, choice of words and behaviors are reflected back to you.

My Ah-Ha Moment

I think of my life….and I think of my daughter….

I don’t want her to think the gym is only to be used December through April when you’re trying to get your sexy back before summer arrives. I don’t want her to think the gym is for fat people or extreme fitness nuts. Physical fitness should be year round and is for everybody. It should be something you do because it’s good for you. (Ding! Ding! Ding! My ah-ha moment!) A lot of women I admire clock some serious hours in the gym…not to shed a few lbs. but to look their personal best.

I think I should join them!

I’ve Got Help, Y’all!

Even though I haven’t worked out in about 2 months now, I still follow some pretty awesome fitness websites/blogs. I hope to use all of their awesome fitness videos and advice to help me get fit and healthy! I’ll tell you what I love about each one!

  • Mal Smiles doesn’t talk about fitness a whole lot, but I just love her fitness story! Her before and after pictures inspire me!
  • In  A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, Erika tells us in immense detail how she went from a 330 lb. couch potato to a 160 diva! Her blog is chocked full of advice to help you shed those pounds. My favorite articles from her are the clean eating articles. When I swap my processed foods for clean eating I get bored easily because I don’t know have a lot of veggies recipes. Erika takes all of the guess work out of clean eating.
  • AJ’s body is SICK! She’s another one that makes healthy foods like lentils, zucchini, and kale look delicious! Check out her recipes.
  • Jeannette Jenkins aka The Hollywood Trainer explains why yoga and pilates create such amazing bodies. Time for some yoga, ladies! You might consider following her on Facebook and Twitter for the daily prompts to make healthy choices throughout the day!
  • Fit With Fallon is one of my FAV fitness sites. Fallon gives you the scoop about what your fav celebrities do to get in shape and stay in shape. I couldn’t pick a favorite article. I love the whole site!
  • I love a good lower body workout! The Sweaty Betties provides challenges that’ll have you sweating in minutes!
  • So, first of all, this dude is crazy. And, he don’t mind telling you to SHUT UP AND TRAIN! I’ve began (and quit) 2 of his 30 day challenges. I wasn’t ready, y’all! Check out his blog! There’s tons of great fitness information like this.

what's your excuse

  • Maria Kang has taken a LOT of flack for this photo, but she doesn’t have to apologize to me. I think she poses a valid question. Plus, she posts pics like these that prove I really have NO excuse.



  • MarC (pronounced Mar-C) is what I call super-fit. I secretly believe that I lose at least 1/2 an inch off my waist and thighs everytime I watch her videos. Don’t want to go to a gym, she shows you how to shed the weight in your living room. Check out her promo video here. Hang Tight with MarC is an awesome site. Once I actually start doing the videos, I’m bound to shed some pounds.
  • Sometimes I just love the journey. Wendy isn’t a fitness buff, but she’s lost weight, looks great, and is still on a journey to get healthy, fit, and sexy! Plus, she links up with other bloggers who are on their own weight loss journey. Check out her blog, A Daily Dose of Del Signore.
  • This couple lost over almost 400 lbs. — together! They were recently on the Rachel Ray show to showcase their weightloss and get makeovers. They document everything…their struggles, what they eat, their workouts, etc. Check them out at We Beat Fat.
  • I’m not even going to lie. This site scares me. I look at it, shake my head, and resume Facebook surfing. BUT, that’s actually a testament to how intense and effective it is. It’s done in your living room AND it’s ONLY 12 MINUTES! Intense! Effective! Check out The Daily Hiit for some real results!

Are you on your own Get Healthy & Fit journey? 

If so, what works for you? 

If not, what will you do to get fit & healthy? 

With Love,

14 thoughts on “My Fitness Ah-Ha Moment

  1. I just talked my sister into doing a marathon with me next Oct. I have done one before but it has been a couple of years. In the next couple o weeks I am going to start mapping out my plan for training, I’m pretty excited. 🙂


  2. Wow! Great transformation! You’re right, working out and being healthy should be a lifestyle change. Especially as African American women, who have many health concerns, we should be working towards. I’m definitely excited about making these changes in my life 🙂 Great post!


    • You’re so right, Kim. This time I’m not gunning for the x lbs./ month. (At least I’m going to try to stay away from that. Prayer needed!!) I’m going to try modify my eating, increase my water intake, and exercise because it’s the healthy things to do! And, hopefully the lbs. will say “I’m outta here!” (I appreciate your support!)


  3. I think it’s kind of funny to hear that you’ve fallen off the exercise bandwagon for a while now…because I’m just now getting back on it (this week!), and you are one of my inspirations for it! I hope I don’t have to quit exercising when you start again! 😉


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