10/4/13 – Sistas, Shame & Suicide: A Look Into The Dark Lives of Black Women

10/4/13 – What Not Shopping, Going Natural & Working On My Dream Career Taught Me About True Confidence*

9/24/13 – 10 Reasons You Need to Be Insane Like Me *

9/02/13 – I Am My Sister: How to Build Confidence from the Women Around You

8/30/13 – TCC’s Top 10 Links of the Week

8/10/13 – TCC’s Top 10 Links of the Week

8/6/13 – I Am My Sister Initiative

8/4/13 #IAmMySister Do You Believe in Sisterhood?

*Written by me

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Product Reviews

Woman, Live!’s readers are women who are creating their future one moment at a time! Naturally, they love trying products that will help them to have a better life. If you’d like to feature a product, email me at


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