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Woman, Live! is a Christian personal development & lifestyle blog! We celebrate & encourage women to run after God and allow Him to gift them the deepest desires of their heart over and over and over again.

Our Voice
The editorial voice of works submitted should be conversational, down-to-earth, and God-honoring. If you’re writing a how-to or informational article, please use clear language that is easy for the reader to understand.

Article Length & Expectations
We ask that all articles are between 500-800 words.

How to Submit
Submit all articles and pitches via email to mrsbrandihawthorne (at) gmail (dot) com. Put the words “Guest Submission” in the subject line, and let us know what section the article is for. We accept MS Word or you can include the article in the body of your email.

Additionally, with your submission, please let us know more about yourself, your experience and your background as a writer. If you have any clips, please include one or two samples.

We will try our best to respond to all inquiries/submissions. If your writing sample(s) meet our requirements, Woman, Live! will contact you; please allow at least two weeks for a response. If you have not heard back from us within this time frame, please assume that we won’t be able to use your idea/submission at the moment.

Topics We’re Interested In
Woman, Live! is interested in receiving submissions on the following topics:

  • Physical Fitness [Woman, Move!]
  • Personal Development [Woman, Eat!]
  • Lifestyle (style, relationships, finance, etc.) [Woman, Play!]Healing [Woman, Heal!]
  • Paying it forward [Woman, Give!]
  • Motivational and inspirational pieces

If you have an idea that doesn’t fit the above topics, email us anyway. If it’s a good fit, we may be interested!

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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