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5 Ways Knowing Your Personality Type Can Propel You Toward Your Goals


I remember when my grandma first got the internet. I took so many assessment after assessment.

What kind of animal are you?

What color represents you?

In fact, some people are still taking these surveys.

How many children should you have?

What country should you live in?

After about 24 hours, I have no idea what the results were, if I even remember taking the survey. But, one type of assessment that always remains with me are personality assessments. They’re usually spot on and reveal something about me that I either hadn’t realized or don’t necessarily think about.

There are two personality assessments that are my favorite. The first is the 5 minute personality test. And, the other is Hippocrates 4 temperaments.

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There are 5 reasons you benefit from knowing your personality type:

1. Red Velvet Rope Clients

Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid talks about only working with red velvet rope clients. These clients are the ones you look forward to working with. With them, you’re able to do your best work. Unlike the client you hope cancels that day.

For example: According to the 5 minutes personality assessment, I am a Lion. A Lion is result-oriented. I feel productive when I’m checking things off my list, lots of things. I need to see change. When I have a great idea, I only ponder it for a few hours and I’m ready to get started NOW.

If I went into a coaching session ready to hit the ground running with a Beaver, I’d probably get frustrated…quickly. Beavers are slow to move. They need all the details. They are perfectionist. They aren’t worried about getting started NOW, they’re worried about getting it RIGHT.

On the other hand, if I’m too laid-back while working with a Lion, s/he is going to be annoyed. I need to over-prepare when working with a Lion and always be on my p’s and q’s.  Too much lolly-gagging and I’m going to lose their interest. They’re ready to get it done! Whatcha’ got next?

2. Hire Your Dream Team

One of the most recited entrepreneurial tips I’ve heard is have a good team around you. Now, you’d that hiring a good team would mean hiring people who were just like you, people you’d love to be friends with. Wrong.

When you’re hiring your dream team, you want to hire your weaknesses. For example, as an impulsive, high energy, impatient Lion, I need a Beaver on my team to pay attention to the details I might have missed. Although I love serving people, I’m not that people-friendly. So, having people-oriented, tolerant Golden Retriever on my customer relations team would be a smart move on my part.

Hiring all Lions would be a huge business mis-step on my part.

3. So People Don’t Hate You

My personality type can be offensive. I’ve known this since ever since. And, I always wished I was more like this person or that person, but at the same time, I enjoyed the go-getter in me. And, I could see how those get ‘er done traits were pivotal to moving forward with projects, etc. This year, I learned that while I should always try to speak the truth in love, I shouldn’t discount the necessity of my personality type. But, when possible, I should let people know that I am a Lion. 

Knowing that I’m a Lion, my colleagues expect me to keep the meeting time focused and aren’t offended when I don’t carry on in the water cooler banter.

Knowing that I’m a Lion, my clients expect me to get them results and to continue to persistently challenge them until I do.

Instead of hating me, they respect my strengths.

And, instead of hating my “by the books” Beaver accountant, I can respect that she has an eye for detail that I don’t have and expect her to do her job well.

4. Know Where You Shine

I’ve worked customer service for many years as a server, DMV photographer, catalog customer service rep., and pharmacy technician. While I did well in those positions, I didn’t wake up eager to go. They were all paychecks. The truth is, sometimes the customer isn’t right and there were many days where I wanted to tell them that. (Blunt.)Sometimes customers are too talkative. HELLO! I have other customers. (Impatience.) And, I don’t have a very good poker face.

At my current job, I have free reign to do what I need to do to get results. I can create challenges, to-do lists, accountability groups, redirect my clients when they’re losing focus, and remind them of conversation etiquette when their personal stories become essays.

This is where I shine.

5. Be The Sun

When you know who you are and how you work best, you can create your day to suite you. In addition to being a Lion, I’m also an Otter.

Otters can be spontaneous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in pajamas and suddenly wanted to go to the movies. When I used to work in the pharmacy, I would contemplate running away during my lunch break. I hated being inside with no windows for 8 hours.
Now, I have a position where I can take lunch whenever I want. Some days I’m in the office, some days I’m inside the classroom, and other days I’m in community meetings.  I enjoy the flexibility of my job immensely. I crave the ability to break routine on a whim.
And, then the achievement oriented Lion side of me loves the part of my routine that is persistent and goal-oriented like how I begin every morning with a “follow-up” from my clients. What did you accomplish yesterday? What do we need to work on today?

Take the Hippocrates or 5 minute personality assessment.

What personality type are you?

2 thoughts on “5 Ways Knowing Your Personality Type Can Propel You Toward Your Goals

  1. So basically, I would be your least favorite client because I’m a beaver. 🙂

    This post was really thought-provoking. I find it helpful to think of personality types when interacting with coworkers and friends because it helps me be more empathetic when they do something that seems crazy to me. I’m also a fan of Myers-Briggs. Have you taken that assessment?


    • LOL. Yeah, my husband’s a beaver, too, so I have first hand experience with you lil’ chompers! 🙂

      Yes, I did the Myers-Briggs in high school and probably again in college.

      I prefer the short assessments. Once I have to pick a word too many times I think it screws up my results.

      What kind of work do you do?


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