Woman, Live!

Woman, Live! Is My Isaac. What’s Yours?

god first

Brief Background on Abraham & Isaac:

God told Abraham that a great nation would come from him. God blessed Abraham with everything BUT a son. Abraham didn’t understand this. How can I have more descendants than the stars if I don’t have a son? Many, many years later when Abraham and Sarah could have been great-great grandparents, God fulfilled his promise by giving Abraham a son, Isaac. OMG! I can’t even imagine the celebration and joy Isaac brought to their lives. They had been waiting for his arrival for a long while now. Then one day God asked Abraham to do the unthinkable. God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the altar.

Say What, God?!

Abraham & Sarah had badly desired a son. God gave them their hearts’ desire at a time when it seemed as if God had forgotten. And, then God asked Abraham to kill his dream, his future, his promise, his flesh and blood.

What’s Your Isaac?

Just because God gives us something doesn’t mean He intends for it to become greater than He is. He gives us children. He gives us dreams. He gives us the ability to create wealth. He gives us careers. He gives us talents. He gives us blessing day in and day out. But, He still wants to be #1 in our lives.

God tests us.

And occasionally, He’ll ask us for it back just to see if we choose him or Isaac.

Woman, Live!

I realized my God-sized dream at a time where I was begging God to reveal my next step. The vision of it was more spectacular than I could ever have imagined. And, I knew that I would have to walk with God every step of the way. It was a dream given by Him to bring glory to Him. I was just the messenger.

I live and breath Woman, Live! I wake up thinking about it. I go to sleep thinking about it. I come up with blog post ideas throughout the day. And, I agonize over finding my audience, the audience God wants to bless through Woman, Live!

Sometimes, I’d rather blog than eat.

Sometimes, I’d rather blog than sleep.

Sometimes I’d rather blog than play with my kid.

Sometimes I’d rather blog than hangout with my husband.

And, sometimes, I’d rather blog than go to church.

What about you?

Is there something you’d rather do over almost anything?

Has God given you a gift or desire that has grown bigger than praying, reading, and waking up early on Sunday morning?

Altar time.

When I wake up and check my stats before thanking God for the breath in my body, I have to take a trip to the altar.

When I put off reading the Word for writing a blog post, I have to take a trip to the altar.

I simply say, “I want you more,” stop what I’m doing and spend some quiet time with God.In my quiet time with God, I ask for forgiveness for seeking other people/things before seeking my creator.

The Ram.

Almost every time I put everything aside to put God first, He always provides.If I’m stuck on a blog post, He gives me fresh ideas. If I’m feeling exhausted, He lures me to rest. He renews my mind. He gives me  peace when I’m anxious. He reminds me of something I had forgotten. He sends someone my way to bless me. He re-prioritizes me.

All About the Heart.

God doesn’t want to take away all the things I love. He just wants to examine my heart every now and again to make sure He’s still #1. And, when you think of all the stupid things we do when we go off on our own, doing what’s right in our own eyes, I’m glad He gives us a friendly reminder every now and again.

What is your Isaac? 

Will you take it to the altar today?


With Love,




One thought on “Woman, Live! Is My Isaac. What’s Yours?

  1. I don’t know if its Isaac but I just want to be what God wants me to be as he reveals it to me. Just to be able to go along for the ride of my life.


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