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Don’t Lose It All In The End: Retirement Planning Starts Now {GIVEAWAY!}


Last month, I met retirement income strategist and personal money trainer, Crystal Moradi. She was the keynote speaker for the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce leadership retreat.

2014-09-26 20.57.43

Crystal’s passion for helping women with their finances stems from a personal story about her grandmother. When her grandfather passed away, her grandmother didn’t know all there was to know to be able to sustain herself financially.

2014-09-27 09.36.47

In that moment, Crystal knew what she had to do and a retirement strategist was born.

Crystal is the Senior Vice Preside of PLJ Income where their sole mission is to make sure that women don’t outlive their income. Not having enough is a scary feeling for anyone, especially an older woman who has fewer employment options, deteriorating health, and wishes very much to simply enjoy her later years instead of worrying about how to make ends meet.

Crystal, PLJ Income & Woman, Live! don’t want you to ever be in that situation. But, we know that it happens all too often.

As you know, Woman, Live! is all about you living the spectacular life God planned for you long before you were born. Living a happy, successful, Christian life is about making choices today that our future selves would be proud of. Some of us might be a long ways from retiring, but the earlier you plan, the greater your chances are of being secure in your last years.

For that reason, Crystal Moradi is giving away one autographed copy of Get Your Hand Out Of My Purse! I’m Not Giving You My Money! to a Woman, Live! subscriber!

This Amazon best seller is a tool that will help you think long. You’ll be able to make wise decisions today that will benefit your livelihood decades from now. *This book will also make a GREAT GIFT for a friend/family member who is at or nearing the retirement age.*

get your hand bookFor a chance to win Crystal Moradi’s Get Your Hand Out Of My Purse! I’m Not Giving You My Money!, you must:

1) Be a subscriber of this blog.

2) Answer the following question in the comment section below:

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