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4 Crock-Pot Truths I Learned From My Toddler

I am a teacher by profession, but lately my son Adonijah has been doing all the teaching. Adonijah is turning 4 years old in a few months and I must say I’ve learned a lot in his 4 years of living. Because of him, my capacity to give more by way of compassion, patience, grace, gentleness, kindness, and love has increased tremendously.

Here are 4 simple, yet profound lessons brought to you by Professor Adonijah:

LESSON #1: Be grateful for the simple things.

nijah box

{This box was one of Adonijah’s favorite toys. He absolutely loved getting in and out of it.}

THE POINT: I can become consumed with the world’s demands and attractions that I begin to lose sight of the simple pleasures of life. We have a way of overcomplicating life. Is there an app for that?

LESSON #2: Life can be messy and it’s okay.

nijah mess

{Talk about having a grand time with mandarin oranges.

These moments are too good to be picking up your Swiffer or Dirt Devil.}

THE POINT: Sometimes we’re so busy trying to clean up our life that we forget to enjoy it. Do you find yourself always living in what happened or what you hope will happen? Release yourself from always dusting, fixing, and planning. Be present TODAY.

LESSON #3: Say “sowwy” often and “forwiv” freely.

nijah sowwy

{“I’m sowwy. Will you forwiv me?”}

THE POINT: Even when I know my son has been intentionally naughty, I’m always quick to forgive because when I’m (intentionally) naughty, God always forgives me.

LESSON #4: Be a gift to others.

nijah gift

{Nijah’s role for his Christmas play was being a “gift” for Jesus.}

THE POINT: I’ve learned that when I bless others, I’m blessing myself because I’m sowing a good seed that I will bountifully reap later. We were all placed here for a purpose and God has given us all a very special “gift” so that we in turn can be a “gift” to others.


These lessons, though they seem simple and easy, are not easily learned. Like a delicious roast, these lessons take time and patience.

But, isn’t that just like God? We get pregnant and think of cute little onesies while God is thinking refinement. Children hold us accountable. They’re always watching, causing us to think twice about our words and actions. And, they inspire us to be better than we ever imagined possible.

God is always speaking to us through His word, life’s situations, and other people.

Yes, even our children.

Even though you were chosen to teach and guide that little angel, don’t forget s/he has a few things to teach you, as well.

As for these four youths, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, and Daniel had understanding in all [kinds of] visions and dreams. (Daniel 1:17)

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