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Brandi’s October Goals



Hello and welcome to The B-Side, a mastermind group for entrepreneurial women, created by Courtney over at Think & Grow Chick! On the first of each month, I share my business-related goals, challenges, and triumphs while inviting you to do the same! I’d love for you to join me; you can learn more about participating by clicking here.

1. Last month’s goals (Sept. 2014)


  • Blog 5 days/week. There were a few days that I didn’t post but most days a new and/or previous blog post was being shared daily. When I don’t post daily, the visitor numbers begin to dwindle, so posting daily is a must.
  • Edit & Schedule posts for month of October No time!
  • Gain 10 new subscribers for Woman, Live! (Current: 63 Goal: 73) Zero. 😦 I’m hoping a new site and always improving content will help us out!
  • Gain 15 new “likes” for Woman, Live! Facebook page. (Current: 320 Goal: 335)  397!!! Whoo!
  • Post MORE (personal) videos! Check it out!
  • Choose logo for Woman, Live!
  • Write a blog business plan. In the process…


  • Do some sort of exercise 6 days/week I’m doing Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix 7 days/week.
  • Do a devotional every morning/day I started this, but totally slacked off. I plan to start back.
  • Anticipate & provide for my needs & my family’s needs This was NOT a SMART goal. I don’t even know exactly what I meant.

2. This month’s goals (Oct. 2014)


  • Complete blog business plan
  • Create NEW content that our readers LOVE
  • Get 900 views on the blog by Oct. 31st.
  • Get 450 “likes” on the FB page by Oct. 31st.
  • Plan Woman, Live!’s first event!
  • Plan Woman, Live!’s first Uberconference.


  • Prepare for the morning (the night before).
  • Continue exercising at least 5 days/week.
  • Continue drinking half my body weight in water.
  • Push myself beyond my comfort zone.
  • Find a good time to blog/edit posts/ collaborate with other bloggers.


Current challenges

My evenings are super full because I…

  • make dinner
  • bathe & prep my daughter for bed
  • tidy up
  • prep for class the next day
  • answer any blog-related emails
  • edit blog posts
  • write blog posts
  • read
  • exercise

Holy smokes! Something has to give. So, my current challenge is finding a way to free up my evenings. Expect a time management blog post soon!

Current successes/things that are working

Last month was a HUGE success for Woman, Live! We received over 700+ views and 400+ visitors! We’re almost doubling monthly views for 2013!

Our content is improving. We have 3 permanent contributors! And, we’re undergoing a makeover! Ya know, when I’m checking our stats 18 times a day, it isn’t about the numbers. It’s about the person behind the number. I want Woman, Live! to improve the quality of life for others!  The better we are, the more women we can serve. We will you help us get in front of the women who need to hear our message by subscribing and sharing this blog with someone you know.


What do you want to have accomplished by October 30th? Write your goals in the comments & let’s hold one another accountable.


With love,


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