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Chamber Business Women’s Network Presents Monday Morning Leadership with Elizabeth Henry

guam chamberbrown bag lunch

Last week I had the honor of attending the Chamber Business Women’s Network’s (CBWN) Brown Bag Lunch. I was introduced to CBWN by Mrs. Fe Valencia-Ovalles, president of Guam Marianas Management Services. Mrs. Ovalles was one of the panelist at the CBWN’s How Women Lead Pt. 2. I was so impressed by the event that I immediately joined their mailing list. When I received an email for their Brown Bag Lunch, I RSVP’ed immediately and received a seat at the very limited table of 15! (Boy, was a grateful for my smartphone that day!)

I love the idea of the Brown Bag Lunch. It’s a 90 minute educational round table presentation. Our guest facilitator for the day was Ms. Elizabeth Henry, call center director of Docomo Pacific. Ms. Henry was gifted Monday Morning Leadership by a former boss. She shared that she had read it many times over the years for professional development. The many dog-eared pages and Post-It flags proved that she had indeed read it many, many times!

Ms. Henry highlighted chapters 1 through 8, but what suck out for me the most was the agreement between the main character, Jeff, and his mentor, Tony, from the onset of their mentor/mentee relationship. The stipulations were as follows:

1. I’m not interested in helping you solve your problem. I’m interested in helping you become a better person and leader. 

2. You must commit to 8 weeks. 

3. You must teach others what you learn. 

4. We start and finish on time. 

5. You always tell the truth, and

6. You have to be willing to try something new.

I think it’s important to note that Tony was developing Jeff as a leader right from the very start. He was instilling timeliness, honesty, responsibility, respect, leading as if you’re leaving, integrity, and personal and profession maturity. What a difference it would make if we simply started and ended things at the designated time! I know my day would run a whole lot smoother!

As we were all scrambling to write down the title and author of the boo, Ms. Henry pulled an Oprah and pulled 15 copies of her bag! I live for giveaways! I haven’t had a chance to crack it open, but when I do, I’ll be following Tony’s 3rd rule and sharing everything I learn with all of you!

marilyn brandi liz

{Marilyn Borja, Brandi Hawthorne & Elizabeth Henry}

CBWN BBL 092514 01 CBWN BBL 092514 02

{Photos courtesy of the Guam Chamber of Commerce.}

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