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Fight The Fear Friday (Don’t Leave Me Hanging!)


If you haven’t already, please take a moment to listen to the audio for this blog post.

This Friday begins Fail Forward Fail Fast Fight the Fear Fridays!

I’m stoked and I hope you are, too. Life is short. We gotta go for what we want while we have the chance. And, hopefully, *fingers crossed* you and I won’t be alone. I hope thousands of people (men and women) from all around the world will join us as we kick fear in the face! So, here are some guidelines…


1. If you’re participating, declare it in the comments! Accountability, ya know?

2. Every Friday, I’ll post a Fight the Fear Friday status. You have to post a photo, video, link or some kind of proof in the comments!

3. Tell everyone you know using #6F

With Love,

B. Hawthorne

7 thoughts on “Fight The Fear Friday (Don’t Leave Me Hanging!)

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