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5 Simplistically Lovely Ways to Experience God Everyday


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Experiencing the presence of God should not be limited to Sunday morning church services and Mid-Week Bible Study. We can enjoy His Loving, Peaceful presence on a day to day basis. Below are 5 easy-to-do gestures that can be implemented into your daily routine without a big fuss. Take these simple steps to cultivate a everyday connection with The Creator.

  • Invest in a good devotional.

Devotionals are an awesome way to connect with God on a daily basis being that they feature prayers, meditations, and scripture for everyday of the year. Usually the pages are short and sweet, so it won’t be hard to steal 5 minutes of your day to read. And, you don’t have to purchase it. YouVersion.com is a great site to help keep up with your daily reading. They have hundreds of daily devotionals. And, they allow you to search by category, e.g. Women’s Devotionals, Mothers Devotionals, Singles Devotionals, etc.  I recommend “Starting Your Day Right” by Joyce Meyers and “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen.

  • Be your sister’s keeper.

Make a habit of encouraging and uplifting other women. You don’t have to do anything super grand. Maybe a compliment or an encouraging note, or an offer to babysit while she does something for herself or an invite to church, dinner, or a playdate. Giving, Caring, and Compassion automatically connects us to the loving nature of God.

  • Make a date with nature.

Have a quiet lunch at a nice park. Take a walk along the lake or river. Wake up early enough to see the sunrise and have your coffee on the porch. Go somewhere where the beauty of God’s creative Hand has not been infiltrated by the modernisms of mankind. These enchanted places and moments are great for clearing your spirit of clutter and listening to the small guiding voice on the inside.

  • Practice gratitude.

Start your days with a simple Thank You. Think of one thing every morning that you’re grateful for and let your thankfulness outweigh all of the worries that come about throughout your day. This will give your life an atmosphere that is fertile for cultivating a daily relationship with God.

  • Journal regularly.

Go to your nearest Walmart or stationary store and pick up a gorgeous journal. They come in all kinds of prints, patterns, colors, sizes, and the works. Some have beautiful quotes and scriptures on the outside and even on the pages. Pick one that makes your heart go pitter patter and use it only for conversations with and about God. Write prayers, questions, concerns, thank you notes, love notes and whatever that is on your spirit that needs to be released. Take the time to enjoy it. It’s a pleasant and therapeutic way to quiet your mind and connect to the Divine.

Let’s start now!

Name 3 things you’re grateful for this week.

Let’s go one step further…

Email a photo of you experiencing God to mrsbrandihawthorne@gmail.com. Your photos will be featured on Woman, Live!

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