Woman, Live!

I’m LIVING, Y’all!

What’s up! I’m going to live up to my nickname right now, R&B for Random Brandi, and just chat with you about my day, if that’s okay.

1. I’ve been working home for 3 days because my kiddo’s been sick. Her FIRST week of preschool and she’s been coughing up a lung for 3 days because she’s had croup. She’s had croup before which is how I was able to quickly self-diagnose her. I had her in the freezer and in hot, steamy showers, not to mention the humidifier on full blast and the hard cough and stridor seems to have disappeared. But, we still have the weekend to listen out for any signs of its return. Hopefully, next week, she’ll be back in school and I’ll be back to work. But, you know what the real blessing is? I have a job that allows me to work from home. Today I participated in a Skype meeting from my couch, in my gown (the video wasn’t on). Also, I’m able to stay home with my baby girl instead of feel guilty leaving her somewhere while she’s barking like a seal and struggling to breathe. I love when I pray for the right things and God delivers. Thank you, Lord.

2. Last week, I was out of the office quite a bit. Meeting after meeting. And, you know what I was doing while on the road? I was cracking up at the fact that I CANNOT parallel park our company truck! Whose decision was it to get a truck anyway?! And, I was cracking up at the fact that a year ago I was contemplating running away during all of my lunch breaks because I was stuck inside for 8 hours! I don’t like sitting in one place all day. I enjoy flexibility and multitasking. So, I asked God for a career where I’m able to be on the go when and if I felt like it. Don’t ever think God doesn’t care about your desires.

3. Tonight I invited my deaf friend to game night at a friend’s house. We played charades (for obvious reasons) and she had a blast! We all did. I don’t know if it’s learning a new skill (American Sign Language) that has me so excited or if it’s the fact that I can communicate with her despite our differences? Maybe it’s because I like meeting new people? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. But, either way, I just LOVE being around her! Signing with her is a brain exercise, but one that I really enjoy. 

4. Woman, Live! is my baby and I love her dearly, but this burgundy has GOTS to go. And, we’ll all be saying “BYYYEEEE!” to it soon because Woman, Live! is getting a much needed makeover! Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been looking at different designs my graphic artist has been creating. Creating a brand is HARD work! When you’re creating something near and dear to your heart, every little thing is important. There have been about 7 revisions, but we are almost close to nailing the logo and starting work on the website. Can you see my teeth from your front door because I’m cheesing THAT hard! I can’t wait to reveal the new site AND our new regular contributors!

5. Woman, Live! isn’t the only fish in the sea. I’m also studying to become a certified Christian life coach. Who would’ve thunk it?! Two years ago, God answered a desperate plea and I’m glad my ears and heart were open to hear and receive. Even though I felt a mind panic attack, I starting taking baby steps toward my goals and today I sit at my desk like WOW! I have a REAL resume! LOL. I literally lifted my foot and proceeded to step without seeing the whole staircase. Faith. And, I’m still doing that TODAY. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I’m running until God tells me to stop. Sometimes I realize I’m chasing my dreams and I have to stop, make a quick shift, and get back to chasing God. But, I’m grateful to know the difference.

I know there are many careers that will allow a person to carry out their vocation, but it really does seem like Christian life coaching is MY calling! So, the next question is, how are we going to celebrate in October when I’m certified?!! 🙂

4. As if ALL of that isn’t enough, I have been given an exciting opportunity I can’t WAIT to share with you, but when the time is right! Hehe!

So, yep, I’m feeling overwhelmed with favor and love from my creator.

You know, the biggest lesson is that I thought I had to be a certain weight or make a certain amount of money or have straight teeth and flawless makeup to truly be happy with myself. But, I’m still overweight, my husband and I are still middle class, I could use a 2nd round of braces, and Guam is just too hot for makeup! I’m still interested in improving in those areas because I do desire to wake up flawless, but now I know that I am enough just as I am. I didn’t need perfect brows, I needed some dusty knees. I didn’t need a new wardrobe, I needed persistence. I didn’t need perfect teeth, I needed a new vocabulary that said, “I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me. What God has called me to, He will see me through.”

If you could, please drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing! If there’s anyway I can help you move forward in your life, let me know! My happiness makes me yearn to see that same fulfillment in others.

Much love,


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