Woman, Live!

Because You Need To Know This…

Happy Wednesday from Guam.

I miss you.

I just wanted to let each of you know that I’m thinking of you. Woman, Live! is currently under construction and honestly, I’m itching to start posting regularly again. I don’t want you to forget about us!

But, I’m appreciating the break as well. My job isn’t one of those jobs where you clock in and clock out. The work is heart work so it goes home with you. I dream of the ladies God has sent to the program. And, ideas of how to best serve them come to me all throughout the day. That reminds me of a scene from The Devil Wears Prada, “Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke, then it’s time for a promotion.” In the Circle Maker, the author talks about holy complications. Children, marriages, new jobs, dreams — some of the biggest blessings that complicate your life tremendously. And, we ask for them! But, if we aren’t careful, those things can leave us feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and broken.

I am beginning to understand that the more responsibility we have, the more we have to cling to God or we’ll lose it all (our minds included).

I just want to encourage you to not to give up when things get tough. Keep trekking. And, take some time throughout the day to go climb in God’s lap and let him stroke your hair and love on you. He has some words of wisdom for you. He has some forgiveness for you. He has some grace and mercy he wants to give to you.

Woman, Live! is about living that life. You know, the life that you drool over when you see it! But, make no qualms about it, the life you want is nothing compared to the one God wants to give you.


So, don’t forget him on your way to the promised land. You might get there on your own, but you’ll get there in pieces. He’ll get you there whole and in half the time!

He is the abundant life.  

With TONS of love (and very tired eyes),



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