Woman, Live!

When It’s You Or The Dishes, Always Choose You



I kept sitting down in front of my computer today. I had quite a few topics to blog about, but I just couldn’t get started.

Last night, my husband fell asleep, sprawled across the bed, work clothes still on. I thought I might crawl in beside him around midnight when I noticed our two cats had beat me to it. *Grabs pillow and heads to the living room* This morning he wakes me up, fully dressed 2 hours before he’s due to clock in. He’ll be back to pick up our daughter for daycare later. *Mumbles okay and rolls over.* By a most beautiful coincidence, my daughter wakes up 30 minutes later — 6:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Somebody please help me! Fix her some breakfast, turn on some cartoons, and continue getting my zzz’s. That’s easy enough. *Lies back down* MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!! Using grumpy to describe my demeanor would be a great understatement.

The peaceful Friday I planned all week, yeah, didn’t happen. After being a complete monster to my daughter and husband, I finally got some time to sit. It’s NOON now…what should I do? Clean? I guess, but that can wait til 4PM. Blog? Well, that was the plan, but now my motivation is zilch. Watch 800 more episodes of Law & Order: SVU?  They’ll be on in the background whatever I’m doing. Dumb Question. But, you know what I really want to do? Make myself a taco salad, read the April issue of Women’s Health while I soak in a warm bath, and air dry.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Work is important. Dinner is important. Laundry is important. Quality time with your kid/spouse is important. YOU are important. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 30 minutes a day or 1 day per week, as long as you take some time out for you.

How do you relax when you need it most? 


Putting a dollop of sour cream on my taco salad right now, 



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