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Woman, Live! Supports The Dream of One of Its Subscribers (‘Cause That’s How We Roll)

This blog post is near and dear to my heart because it was written by a woman who had given up on her dream of writing. Blythe Adams and I met via Twitter while watching The Voice and rooting on our favorite singing barista, Delvin Choice. Delvin’s motto is Changing Lives by Chasing Dreams. Being from SC, I could see the impact Delvin’s participation on The Voice was making throughout the community. Whenever we see someone succeed, depending on who they are, we either think they made it, but I’ll never make it OR if they can make it, I can make it, too! Delvin’s success was everyone’s success. He made all of us feel like we can go far, as well.

Blythe said that her dream was to be a writer so, what’d you think I did next? 🙂 Y’all know me so well!! I invited her to write for YOU! Do you know how hard it is to “fail” at something you (and everyone around you) knew you wanted to do and then go after it again? Let me tell you, it’s no easy feat.

Humbling, frightening, doubtful, embarrassing, and weary are feelings that come to mind for me, personally.

But, you know what else comes to mind?

Hopeful, daring, brave, and gutsy!

With God on our side, who or what shall we fear?

Blythe and I must be kindred spirits because that’s exactly what she said!

Today is Blythe’s debut! And, I’m so proud of her! I’m proud of her for being courageous enough to do the thing she was afraid of. I want that for you, too. What is a life lived in fear? You must do the things that make your heart dance. For Blythe, it’s raising her children, loving God, and writing. And, I’m sure today she’ll doing all three!

Please leave LOTS and LOTS of warm comments for Blythe for letting hope triumph fear! This is day #1 of her dreams, y’all! Let’s celebrate!


What Am I Waiting For?


My writing journey has taken many detours. I have always loved to write stories. I thought that someday it would be my career.  

The reason I abandoned writing isn’t complex; In fact, it’s simple. I was afraid. I was afraid of not being good enough. I thought that nobody really wanted to hear what I had to say. Even when I would write like mad I could never finish. I lacked the inspiration and motivation to keep going. Giving up just seemed to be an easy way out.

 A few weeks ago, I returned home to Rochester to attend a family Easter breakfast. My mother’s family holds this breakfast every year. It was started by her grandparents and passed on through the generations.  I hadn’t been to one in 7 years. I’m not sure what made me want to go but I just knew that it was time.

When I arrived home I learned that our patriarch, my 98 year old great uncle, had passed away that morning. My first thought was that I was too late. I was sad and numb that I didn’t get to say goodbye. 

Uncle Sal was not like most average 98 year olds. He was married very happily for 72 years and he still did computer work for his son in law’s company. He was very active in his community as a member of his church Precious Blood and the Italian American Businessmen’s Association. He collected hats and still played cards weekly. He even had his own Facebook page. Nothing stopped him. 

Uncle Sal lived an amazing life until the end. His death caused me to pause and reflect on my life. Why had I been making excuses all of these years?  If I want to write then I should. Nothing stopped my great uncle.  What was stopping me? Just fear. Everybody is afraid of something. We can’t let it stop us from living LIFE or our dreams.

Uncle Sal had always been a big supporter of my writing, allowing me to read what I wrote to the family especially after the death of my grandmother. I knew that he would want me to keep writing. I knew he wouldn’t want me to give up on my dream. 

I wear a shield with my favorite Bible verse on it “I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified, or discouraged; for The Lord my God is with me wherever I go. ” Joshua 1:9. 

My faith has always been important to me, so why had I been making excuses? I shouldn’t be afraid. I know that I still want to be a writer. If I learned anything from my family, especially my Uncle Sal, it’s that you can’t fail at something if you don’t try. I made a promise a long time ago to write a book. Now is time. There is nothing holding me back. 


Can you see the streamers all over my living room for Blythe? Go Blythe! Go Blythe! It’s your birthday! OMG! That totally reminds me of this song we used to sing in elementary school!

Go Blythe! It’s your birthday! Not for real though! Just for play-play! Shake ya booty! And, get down! 

Tell me I’m not the only one that knows that song???

Well, anyway…

*hides head in-between the couch cushions*

You did it, Blythe! Uncle Sal would be proud! 

Woman, Live! is always here to support dreams! And, don’t you ever forget it!


blythe adams


Blythe Adams was born in Upstate NY and moved down south to dream. She is a stay-at-home-mom who runs 5ks. She loves who she is and wants to inspire others with her life. 

You can follow her on Twitter & Facebook !


6 thoughts on “Woman, Live! Supports The Dream of One of Its Subscribers (‘Cause That’s How We Roll)

  1. I was Blythe’s teacher in high school, and I always tell her she is like a breath of fresh air! I am happy to see that she continues to reach for the stars! What a fine example she sets for her children. You rock Blythe!


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