Woman, Live!

The Dream I’ll Never Forget

The other night I had a dream.

I was about to audition for a play or interview for a job. I’m not sure which. I was practicing my speech when a lady took notice. In my speech, I was talking about my faith. This lady did not like that I was proclaiming the name of the Lord. Her eyes and hair turned white and she would appear everywhere I went. When I was alone, monsters would come after me. These monsters were HUGE and ugly. I was afraid, but I wasn’t trembling or panicked. I just prayed. I called on the name of Jesus. And, as soon as I did, the monster stopped growling and being, ya know, monster like. He stopped. He looked at me with an intriguing look on his face. Then….a smile.

Do you know Jesus?” he asked excitedly.

“I know Jesus!” he exclaimed!

“He created me.” 

We began to talk.

Whenever I saw the white haired woman, she was still staring at me. She sent another monster my way…and another. Same thing happened everytime.

Usually when I wake up from a scary dream, I wake my husband and ask him to hold me. But, this time, when I woke, I turned over and went back to sleep. I was safe. And, I’m pretty sure I remember being excited to go back to sleep and continue to my dream.

Maybe you had to be there to understand, but it was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. And, I’ve had some pretty great dreams!

Have you had a dream that you woke up from feeling like, “WOW!” ? 

Maybe I’ll get lucky and have another one tonight!

Until next time, ladies!


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