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My Mom Didn’t Bake Bread, But She Knew Good Music

katherine collins

{My beautiful mom, Katherine}

When I found out my friend, K, baked her own bread, I was kind of shocked. People really do that? And, how do you do that? So, I told her I wanted a lesson. While baking some of the best banana nut bread I’ve ever had, we chatted about her childhood years…baking bread with her mom. The way she talked about it made her face light up with delight. Telling the story took her back to such a happy place. It was nice to watch.

I couldn’t remember doing anything that joyous with my mom. Especially something that I wanted to take into adulthood and possibly teach my children one day…

Fast-forward to April 19, 2014…

After a busy day, throwing a baby shower for a good friend, I wanted to spend some QT with my toddler. She requested we ride the train and roller coaster at the mall, so off to the mall we went. On the way home, I plugged in my iPhone and let the music play. (We both love music.) A song called Baby Tonight off of the Black Radio album by the Robert Glasper Experiment came on. I had never paid much attention to it while browsing through the album, but tonight it had my full attention. I love soulful music. The piano, the drums, the smoothness of it…I wasn’t in love, but in a very deep like. I asked my daughter to listen to it. I wanted to share it with her.

That’s when I remembered my momma.

I remember riding with my mom late at night while she played Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and Howard Hewitt. I attribute my love of music (80’s in particular) to my momma. And, I want to pass that down to my children. Good, timeless music that touches your soul, changes you. That’s just one of the things my momma taught me.

I want my daughter to know what good music is. I want her to feel it deeply within her. (We’re already practicing harmonizing!)

I’d love to share the music with you, too.




4 thoughts on “My Mom Didn’t Bake Bread, But She Knew Good Music

  1. What a sweet memory!! All momma’s have their own things that they want to pass on to their children.
    I love that you are teaching your daughter to harmonize! I have always wanted to learn that, my mom does it well, I should ask her.


  2. Most of us have a very strong memory associated with our childhood! Sometimes it’s food but there are a whole lot of other things to that comprise some wonderful memories!


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