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20 Ways I Plan To Have Fun With My 4 Year Old This Holiday Season


Whenever I ask the people of Guam what they do for fun, most of them say things like, “Go to the movies. BBQ’s. Ya know, just hanging out.”

mouth hanging open….for real! 

Guam is beeee-u-tiful.

You mean you don’t snorkel? dive? parasail? hike? walk/run 5k’s?

Then, I remember that I, too, did the same ole’, same ole’ when I was back home in SC.


For one, my family was not an outdoor family. Secondly, we were always financially strapped. And, when you’re struggling financially, you often don’t have time, make time, or feel up to having fun. And, thirdly, sometimes when you grow up somewhere, you take it for granted.

I’ve been downtown a milion times.

It’s too cold to go to the parade.

I’m too tired to go out and would rather stay home. 

Yep. I totally get it.

But, I’m not returning to SC the same person I was when I left. Guam made me want to live. Life is short and I’m actually afraid, like terrified, of dying an unlived life. I had to start somewhere and Guam seemed like the perfect opportunity to leap outside of my comfort zone. I mean, how could I resist snorkeling in some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen????

So, I’m actually excited to take this trip home and show my daughter some hometown fun. Then drop her off with grandma, grandpa, and auntie before I head out for some good ole’ momma fun! Hey! A girl’s gotta live! But, QT with the kid first! ; )

On our flight home, we have an 8 hour layover in Japan. So, that’ll be the beginning of our mommy-daughter fun! I knew finding something fun and kid-friendly in Japan would be easy, since we’ve never been there. As soon as we booked our flight, I went to my trusty website, Trip Advisor. So far, I’ve planned a trip to the zoo, aquarium, and mall (whatever we have the time and energy for).

I knew the tricky part would be finding things to do while at home in SC since I’m from there and the lazy gene might rear it’s ugly head. Being me, the woman who would forget to bathe without her planner, I wanted to compile a good list to fight the temptation to lay on the couch while my grandma spoon-feeds me all of my favorite dishes.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Roper Mountain Science Center
  2. Home Depot Kid’s Workshops
  3. Children’s Museum
  4. Greenville Zoo
  5. Acrosmith Gymnastics
  6. Monkey Joe’s (Inflatables everywhere!!!)
  7. Hollywild Animal Park (petting zoo)
  8. Local library (Toddler Story Hour)
  9. Carowinds Amusement Park (if we can brave the cold)
  10. Lights!! (Who doesn’t love seeing the Christmas lights at Christmas??? We might do this one TWICE!)
  11. Cleveland Park
  12. Mice on Main (Scavenger Hunt for the bronze mice randomly place on Main Street)
  13. Bike Ride at Furman University (If someone will loan us a bike…)
  14. Frankie’s Fun Park (Laser Tag, Bumper Boats, and the Fun Slide)
  15. 5k/Kids Fun Run
  16. Ice Skating at the Pavilion
  17. Christmas Parade
  18. Volunteer w/ The Salvation Army (If I can get some family to join us and sing Christmas carols…WOW!)
  19. Golden Lanes (Bowling/Skating)
  20. Movies

*And, don’t let me tell her there’s a Chuck E. Cheese. Oh boy!

I think this is enough for the 7 weeks we’ll be home! I hope this list has inspired you to go have some fun with your kiddo!

With tons of mommy love,



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