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100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: #17 & #18

A short while ago, I met a church member at a coffee house to sit and chit chat. I see her every Sunday and we’re Facebook “friends” but had never had a real conversation. So, I invited her to “coffee.” And, by “coffee” I mean vanilla bean cream frapps. I’m asking the usual questions What do you do? What do you do for fun? Where are you from? when out of the blue she asks So, what’s your salvation story? Huh? What? Um…

It reminded me of Alexandra Frazen’s 100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding. People are so much more than their occupation, relationship status, and the town they grew up in. And, if we asked these questions around the table, I think we’d all get to know, really know, each other a little bit better.

So, I’m going to post & answer one or more questions per week. Answer the question for yourself in the comments. Or, you could type your answer as a blog post. Just be sure to link-up with me so we can all read your answer.

So, are you ready to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know?!! This should be fun!


Question # 17

What’s your definition of an ideal houseguest?

Hmmm…let me think about this one. If someone came to stay in my home for a couple of days, I’d want them to be respectfully comfortable. By that, I mean after the tour they feel comfortable to find things around the house, help themselves to drinks and food. BUT, the are respectful enough that they aren’t all up in my freezer, thawing out steaks and firing up the grill or anything! I like order and I like quality time. It’s a big deal that we all eat together so, I would expect any guest to sit down to breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us (unless they’re visiting w/ a pre-planned agenda and even then, the least they can do is join us for ONE meal/day!).

One other thing (or three), I’d expect them to throw their trash in the trash, pick up after themselves, and be ready to have some FUN!



Oh, and don’t be walking around naked or dressed inappropriately around my husband or kids.

Don’t go in my room or children’s rooms unless invited….I hate that! Don’t be nosey.

And, going to church with us would be an honor, but not mandatory…


Question #18

If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do?

I would definitely get my hair done, pedicure/manicure, and eyebrows waxed. And, I’d enjoy my favorite meal OR buy a new book/game with whatever’s left over.


Can’t wait to read your answers! 


3 thoughts on “100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: #17 & #18

  1. I love it. Great answers on the houseguest. If I had $100 to spend on myself, gosh I would have coffee in the morning/glass of wine with a friend or a weekly date with the hubby.


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