Woman, Live!

The #1 Reason You’re Stuck (Plus A Few Others)

What would you enjoy doing for the rest of your life? 

I would like to own a coffee shop…

Ok, gre — 

But, there are so many coffee shops in the area. It’d take a ton of loans…

Don’t count the costs yet. First, let’s just figure out what you’re passionate about. 

Ok. Well, I know about every type of coffee. But, how would I run a coffee business? I don’t have any experience. 

We can figure that out, later. Tell me more about the coffee shop. 

I have no idea how to create a website. I feel overwhelmed.


Often times, we stop ourselves with doubt, anxiety, and negative self-talk before we even flesh out an idea. We look at ourselves and our limits and not at God and his provision. Don’t kill your dream before it even sprouts wings. Ask any entrepreneur, the road to success happened one step at a time. You can’t see the whole staircase. You don’t even know what the next step is. You just put your foot out and it appears. When I began blogging, my blog was a devotional for women. Later, I expanded the focus and it became a personal development blog. After reading my blog, someone asked me to speak. In need of some girl time and accountability, I decided to create an accountability group with some women at my church. While looking for more speaking gigs, I was asked to facilitate a weekly class. This week, I’m speaking at career day at one of the high schools. I’m also in the process of creating a 5 day program to help women create the life of their dreams. At the end of the year, I’m going to have some very nice accomplishments under my belt! Go Woman, Live! Do you think I saw all of this coming last year? No. But, guess what, I wasn’t supposed to.



I’m supposed to say, “I hear you, Lord. I’ll go.” I’m supposed to write a vision and mission statement for my business based on the desire God place in my heart. I’m supposed to be ready when opportunities present themselves. I’m supposed to keep seeking God so I know which opportunities to pursue and which ones to pass. I’m supposed to keep learning, keep reading, keep growing. My passion is my fuel. And, I’ll figure out all the details as I go…through connections, great business articles, watching other coaches, mentors, networking, etc. But, if I tried to figure out how I’m going to become an international speaker the day I realized I wanted to become a life coach, I would have frozen in fear and never taken another step.

Don’t freeze. And, if you do, remember who gave you the dream in the first place! He’ll see it to completion. You just unthaw your lil’ frozen self with scripture, positive affirmations, and the excitement of finding your purpose! Do you know how many people live unhappy, stagnant, unfulfilled lives? You don’t have to live that way!


And, get to work! (But, DON’T STRESS! Do what you can do. And, let God do what He will do.)


the extra mile



See you at the top!


2 thoughts on “The #1 Reason You’re Stuck (Plus A Few Others)

  1. Self doubt and negative self talk are such roadblocks. I started thinking “Would I let someone say that to my MOM?” and if the answer is no, I don’t say it to MYSELF either. 😉


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