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6 Lessons We Can Learn from #TeamLobster {Woman, Eat!}

Do you watch The Voice? If so, great. If not, no worries. I usually don’t watch either, but this season, I’m catching every episode. And, here’s why:



Delvin and I are both from South Carolina. We actually grew up a few streets away from one another. I am a few years older than him so while he and I don’t run in the same circles, he and my little sister went to high school together and were good friends from what I recall. And, our parents and grandparents definitely know one another, as the town we were raised in is one of those towns where everybody knows everybody. So, you can imagine how exciting it is to see him on The Voice…not only for me, but for my family, and the majority of my Facebook friends.

I live on Guam and the show airs several hours later here than it does in South Carolina. I try not to look at everyone’s Facebook status so that I can watch the show without knowing whether he made it through to the next round or not, but that has proven impossible. But, even though I know the results beforehand, I still watch so that I can see his practice times with his coach, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, how he and his partner choose the song for the battle, his commentary, etc.

Delvin’s presence on The Voice is so much bigger than him. And, there are lessons that we all can take away from Delvin’s story.

I’d like to share just a few:

1. When it comes to purpose, God is #TeamNatural. 

According to Delvin’s parents, Rev. Willie James Choice and Min. Hennie R. Choice, Delvin was born singing! Delvin has been singing all of his life. When you realize your purpose, it’s not going to be something you’ve never done before. It’s going to be something that you do naturally. It’s going to be something you enjoy doing. And, because it comes so easily, you may not even realize that it is a unique gift from God. Don’t overlook what comes easy to you. Whether Delvin becomes The Voice or not, he will always be a singer, naturally. 

2. Don’t settle for good when you can be the best. 

If he’s hitting high notes fresh out of the womb, he was probably a better singer at 6 months old than most of us are now. Yet and still, he decided to pursue four years of classical voice training, enter various talent shows, and even audition for various plays at the Greenville Little Theater, the Fountain Inn Repertory Experience (F.I.R.E.), and South Carolina’s Children’s Theater.

Don’t take your talent for granted. Hone your skills. Seek out mentors. Let people know you’re looking for opportunities to perfect your craft. Invest in your dream.

3. Dress the part.

Delvin’s hair and clothes are always on another level!


Have you met the lobster? 

It’s that roll of hair on the top of his head.



Life Coach, Tony Gaskins, Jr., says, “Would you expect a diamond to be packaged in a brown bag or a Tiffany’s box? Exactly! So don’t package yourself in a brown bag.” Image is what people see first. And, whether we like it or not, we’re judged on our appearance. I don’t know what to attribute Delvin’s personal style to, but I do know that his style turns heads which makes him martketable.

3. Back for a 2nd time…

Delvin auditioned for The Voice last season and made it to the judges, but didn’t get any chairs to turn. Did he hide away in shame? No! He broadcast that he was going to be on the show (even though he knew he wasn’t chosen), ever increasing his fan base. Smart guy. Then, he took the critique of the judges and came back this season stronger than ever!



4. Changing Lives by Chasing Dreams

This is the caption above Delvin’s blog. Delvin will never know the lives he’s touched. When people see you go after your dreams, it gives them permission to go after theirs. It awakens the hope that if Delvin did it, then maybe I can do it, too. I know at least 5 people who are motivated with every new status update on Delvin’s Facebook pageSomeone just like me is going after his dreams on live television! What am I waiting for? 

5. The world is waiting for your debut!

I don’t know if Delvin knew he had so many fans, but with almost 12,000 likes on his Facebook page, he should know now! Your experience, your overcoming, your talent is a blessing to others. But, the people who you will bless will never find you if you remain hidden.

“No one takes a light and puts it under a bowl or hides it. Instead, they put it on a lampstand so that the people who come in can see.” (Luke 11:33, ERV)

Delvin put his light on a lampstand a long time ago. And, now it’s shining for all the world to see.

6. Don’t forget where you came from…

Tonight Delvin sung for his grandma. Awwwww! He also shout out South Carolina hair stylist, Shunnola Brooks, for creating the lobster. But, best of all, he shouts out the one who gave him the voice, Jesus Christ. Delvin’s slogan is:

I love what I do..Who I do it for….But most of all, I love the one who created me to do it.

Proclaiming the name of the Lord for all the world to hear….

God’s watching, Delvin. He’s super proud of you. And, so am I!


Your turn!

What about Delvin’s story resonates with you?


For those of you who have never met Delvin Choice, allow me to introduce him!

{VIDEO} The Song That Got All 4 Chairs To Turn

{VIDEO} Battle #1: Caleb Elder Vs. Delvin Choice

{VIDEO} Battle #2: Josh Kaufman Vs. Delvin Choice


Go #TeamLobster!



See what everyone’s saying about #TeamLobster!


11 thoughts on “6 Lessons We Can Learn from #TeamLobster {Woman, Eat!}

  1. I love this: “Your experience, your overcoming, your talent is a blessing to others. But, the people who you will bless will never find you if you remain hidden.” That resonates with me because I often feel selfish when I put myself out there instead of viewing it as being faithful to the gifts God has given me. Thanks for that great reminder!


    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they feel selfish when they put themselves out there. I’m interested for you to elaborate on that more.

      But, yes, you definitely need to share everything God’s given you with others…it can be life-saving!


      • What I meant is taking up space to talk about oneself. Maybe the better term is “self-absorbed.” That’s something I’m working through on my end, constantly reminding myself to point people to Jesus and not just myself.


      • Aaahh. I understand now. I’ll be honest, people who chatter on and on about themselves…pretty soon people begin to tune them out. But, there’s a difference in chattering about yourself and chattering about what God did for you and how He can and will do the same thing (or better) for someone else! I don’t know anyone who will tune that out! ; )

        If you’d ever like to guest blog I’d love to share your story/testimony/experience with the Woman, Live! Family.

        Consider it “getting your feet wet” or “taking the leap!” I like the sound of both! 😉


  2. AmaZing article Brandi Hawthorne. You know Delvin and his family well. No one more deserving than Delvin. He has worked hard and his talent and presence outshines others. It’s easy to see that Delvin has thet “IT” factor!
    Thank you Delvin for shining God’s Light for the whole world to see!~~~


    • Hi Tammy! So, you’ve seen him in action, huh? Yeah, he’s a great contender, that’s for sure!

      How are you letting your light shine, Tammy?

      Thanks so much for visiting Woman, Live! Don’t be a stranger, now! God bless!


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