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NEW SERIES: The Guam Chronicles {Series}

guam sunset

Have you ever heard of Guam before you met me? (And, if you’re military, you don’t count.)

When my husband (then-boyfriend) was looking for a job, his cousin who is a naval surgeon (and was currently stationed on Guam) asked if he’d consider moving to Guam. Where is that? As you know, the rest is history…

We’ve lived here almost 2 years. It’s warm; It’s gorgeous; It’s full of culture; And, it’s also unknown. 

I attended a meeting this year where some locals experienced feeling invisible. Guam is a United States territory; yet, when I moved here no one knew where or what it was. And, when you don’t know where a place it, it’s likely that you don’t know anything about the beautiful, multi-cultural people who inhabit it.

But, I know…

And, guess what else…

I have a blog that reaches over 600 people.

You know me well enough to know that I’m going to do my part to make a difference. Hence, The Guam Chronicles. 

In this series, you can expect:

  • interviews
  • photos
  • local recipes
  • fun facts
  • recap of local events and
  • personal experiences

If you could, please help me get started by asking any questions you may have about Guam in the comments!

Hafa Adai,

8 thoughts on “NEW SERIES: The Guam Chronicles {Series}

  1. I’m so excited! Two of my friends from college moved to Guam after graduation. They lived there fore 3 years before coming back to the US. Looking forward to learning even more about Guam! (I’d love to learn about any great airfare and hotel deals. hehehe) 🙂


  2. I have heard of Guam and I know it is an island. I don’t know where it is though. I would love recipes and to hear of interesting traditions the locals have.


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