Woman, Heal! / Woman, Live!

Be A Light {Woman, Heal!}

Wherever you go, be a light. 

Smile at a child. 

You never know what a child is going through. Smile. Play peek-a-boo. Tell them they’re beautiful/handsome and smart. Ask them about their day.

Give a sincere compliment. 

If I think, “Wow. I love her hair,” I say it. I’m obsessed with red heads and freckles and I always make sure to let them know.

Ask “How are you?” and mean it. 

People are just too busy and self-absorbed these days. I know because I’m one of them. But, when I can, I try to look a person in the eyes and ask how they’re doing. And, if they say, “Fine,” (and they will), then follow up with a personal question like, “Did work go okay today?” or “What was the best part of your week?”

Follow up with someone. 

People say things in passing all the time. Like, “Ugh! I’m going to dread going to work this week! Huge project coming up! Alright, talk with you later.” They don’t expect you  to remember. But, when you say, “Hey girl! Just wanted to check on you. I know you had a busy week at work with that big project.” Wow! You remembered?!! <–They may not say this, but that’s exactly what they’re thinking!

Send a surprise gift. 

I was driving home late one evening and decided to leave a note on my girlfriend’s car windshield. I literally found a piece of paper in my dashboard, wrote a lil’ note to her, and prayed to God it wouldn’t rain before she saw it the next morning! (Island-living, I tell ya!)

Always be kind to janitors, concierges, and employees at the drive-thru window. 

I’ve seen people completely ignore or be extra nasty to blue collar workers. I’m a pharmacy technician and the number of times people throw their money across the counter at me is….well, I’ve come to expect it now.

Last year, we met Ms. Dot at McDonald’s. She’s super sweet. So much so that at Christmas I dropped off a Christmas card and gift for her. Whenever we stop by McDonald’s she gives my daughter 5 or 6 toys. My husband says he feels like he’s doing a drug run because he pulls up to the window, she hands him an unmarked bag and then he drives forward to get the food. He’s silly. But, I imagine that most people give their order, hand her the money and go on about their day. Why not ask how she’s doing? Why not?

Your smile or nice gesture just might give someone hope to continue on. 

I encountered a customer that looked sad. I asked, “How are you doing?” She said, “Ask me in a couple of days.” I said, “Ok.” One day I heard someone ask, “What’s her name?” My co-worker said, “Brandi,” so I turned around. The customer had returned. She said, “You said you’d ask me how I was in a couple of days.” Of course, I did. She was much better, by the way.

Your kind words and warm heart have the power to help heal others.

How do you share your light? 

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With Love,

6 thoughts on “Be A Light {Woman, Heal!}

  1. You know, I always worry I am not being a light. Like it is some really difficult thing to do. And I do a lot of the things you listed. I guess they come natural to me and I don’t think about it too much. This post has built me up to do more! Thank You!


  2. I always enjoy reading your posts Brandi, they encourage me and uplift me. I will be sharing on my FB page later today. I hope to send more readers your way!!


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