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It’s Never Too Late to Honor Your Father

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Today I put a Father’s Day card in the mail that I wrote almost a year ago.


Hear me out!

Last year, I purchased two father’s day cards for my dad and step-dad. This was a HUGE deal because before last year, I never gave much thought to honoring my parents. That was the commandment that I thought God would overlook because He knew my story and my heart. In 2012,  I prayed a prayer that I would honor my parents (especially my biological father). Then, I received prayer counseling and during that session, I forgave them and myself and was set free.

So, the next year I said, “I’m going to send Father’s Day cards!” But, somehow they got mixed in with a pile of papers and forgotten about. A few months later, I found them. No biggie, I thought. Better late than never! So, I typed up a very nice and honoring note and stuffed it inside. And, somehow they got lost again. I looked and I looked, but I couldn’t find those cards anywhere!

A few weeks ago, my husband moved the couch and guess what was behind it, my Father’s Day cards!

I know it’s almost Father’s Day again, but I still mailed my cards because in 2013 I decided to honor my fathers.  Even 8 months later, I wanted them to know that.

When we try to do something new, it won’t come out right the first time. Actually, the attempt to make a change can backfire sometimes. I went from never mailing a card to mailing one almost a year later! Which one is more rude??? But, at least I mailed them. At least I bought them. In my book, it’s still worth celebrating!

Don’t give up because the your first try wasn’t graceful or in my case, on time.

Those New Year’s resolutions you set at the beginning of this year, don’t give up because you didn’t magically morph into a time-management queen. Don’t count your 1 cigarette a day vs. 3 cigarettes a day a failure because you told everyone you were DONE with smoking. Changing is hard and it takes time.

Sometimes we make plans to change and they get sidetracked for the habits we’ve operated in for decades!

Keep heading in the right direction.

Review your goals and begin again.

And, this weekend, mail your parents a handwritten letter of love and appreciation. I guarantee it’ll brighten their day! 🙂

P.S. My dad said he was touched by my sweet letter. 8 months or not, an act of kindness is an act of kindness, especially when you’ve mistreated someone for so long. Shame or guilt for being UBER late wasn’t going to steal that moment from me and dad! He might cry when he receives his card and gift ON TIME this year! 🙂 

You know I love you!

6 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Honor Your Father

  1. I was just thinking about my father because I haven’t spoken to him in six months,since my mother’s death.I’m not mad at him or anything,but I needed time to grieve,mourn,and begin healing from her loss. But this post is just the sign I needed to know it was time for me to reach out to him and let him know I still appreciate the one biological parent I have left.Thanks,Brandi!


    • That’s wonderful! Il be praying for you. Remember to check out my article regarding forgiveness and being set free. If you make your interaction about him, he has the ability to disappoint you and you may become bitter and disconnected all over again. Make it about you…


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