Woman, Eat! / Woman, Live!

I’m listening, God. {Woman, Eat!}

On the way home from school, my daughter said her friend said she wasn’t going to have a birthday party when she turned five. My daughter has had a birthday party every year so to hear that five would not be celebrated with cake, ice cream, balloons, and lots of friends was quite disappointing. Tired from a full day of work, I asked (with some attitude in my voice),

“Is she your mother?”

I think my question took her by surprise, but I didn’t let up.

“Is she your father?”

“No,” she hesitated.”

“So she can’t decide whether or not you’re going to have a party.”

Afraid it hadn’t sunk it I asked,

“How many heads do you have?”

“One,” she shouted excitedly.

“So, if she said you had five heads, would you believe her?”

“Noooo,” she said as if I was asking her a silly question.


(I like to be thorough.)

“Because I have one head,” she giggled.

“That’s right! And, just because she says you have five heads doesn’t make it true.”

“How many legs do you have?”

(I never know when to stop.)


“What if she said you have 8 legs? Would that be true?”

She’s laughing too hard to answer.

(Ok. She understands.)

Then God looked at me with a raised brow and a half smile.

Then I started to giggle while shaking my head and saying, “I hear you, God.”

I hope you hear Him, too.


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