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Travel Expert, Kendra Thornton, Give Us 5 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation {Woman, Move!}

Good Morning Woman, Live! Family!

Today’s post is about being fit while on vacation.

I was on a weight loss kick back in October and then we went to Hong Kong and that was the end of that. So, I know first hand that remaining active while on vacation and eating foods you normally don’t have access to is super important to remaining healthy and refraining from packing on the pounds.

Our guest blogger is travel expert, Kendra Thornton. Kendra has 3 kiddos that keep her super busy, not to mention appearing on talk shows regularly, yet she still finds time to prioritize healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

You’re going to enjoy reading her tips!

But first, take a peek at her and her cute lil’ family!

kendra minnions

kendra universal

Super cute! And, amazing legs, right?

Take it away, Kendra!

Fit Family , Happy Life!

Looking good and feeling great are things I believe in, especially since I’m a busy mother with three overly active kids whom I have to keep up with constantly. But I allow myself to be influenced by my active kids by being active myself, even when I’m traveling. I also want to inspire you to stay fit and healthy while you’re away from home with my simple health tips.

Preparing for Your Vacation

If you want to feel better about eating foods you don’t normally indulge in while on vacation, eat healthy and workout frequently in the few weeks before your vacation. You can feel better about treating yourself on your vacation by being health conscious now. However, be sure to treat yourself in moderation so that you don’t come home with unneeded pounds.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Prepare healthy snacks before you go on your trip, and you’ll be able to curb your unhealthy cravings while on the road. Some healthy snack ideas you can prepare include:

 – Pretzels with no extra flavoring

– Homemade trail mix with dried fruit, cashews, peanuts, dark chocolate chips and granola

– Fresh, sliced fruits such as melons and strawberries

– Miniature Greek yogurt containers

 Bring Your Sneakers

Motivate yourself to work out while on vacation by packing your sneakers. Leave your sneakers out so that you are always reminded to exercise while on your trip, even if it’s a simple 20-minute walk.

Have a Home Away from Home

When traveling with young children, ensure their comfort by creating your home environment in your hotel room, which help children sleep better and give you less hassle at bedtime. You can recreate your home by bringing your children’s blankets, sheets, pillows, books or toys on your trip. My family just got back from a trip to Orlando and my husband and I make sure to sort through a group of Orlando hotels from the Family Traveler’s Tribe to ensure that we found a kid-friendly hotel that had extra perks like things such as a quiet hours policy. My kids got a solid night’s rest and were able to be alert and energized at the parks all the next day!

Plan Ahead

Although it may be fun to be spontaneous, it’s important to plan your trip as well to give yourself a general idea of what you want to accomplish. Find or make a map of any tourist hotspots you want to check out; you’ll feel less stressed about your vacation, and have more time to enjoy yourself.

Staying healthy on vacation will help you and your family feel better since you’ll come home with fond memories rather than extra pounds. By sharing these tips with you, I hope you’ve gotten a peek at how my family stays healthy!

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Here’s to getting AND staying healthy this year. No excuses.

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