Woman, Live!

Our Deepest Fear {Woman, Eat!}

Our Deepest Fear

You are brilliant.

What inspires you and motivates you, what angers you, what makes you cry, how you see the world is so unique. It is unique because it reveals bits and pieces of who God created you to be. You were born in the year you were born, to the parents you were born, in the city you were born for a purpose. All the things that didn’t work, didn’t work for a purpose. All the struggles happened for a purpose. All the things you survived, you survived for a purpose. Don’t you dare sit back and say, “I want a simple life.” Your life is not supposed to be simple. It’s supposed to be complicated. Why? Because God’s blessings complicate life. More money complicates life. A husband and children complicates life. Quitting your job and following your calling complicates life. Sharing your testimony with strangers because you feel the Holy Spirit urging you on complicates life. Following Jesus when the world says, “No. Our way is better,” complicates life. Forgiving those who hurt you complicates life. Letting go of unhealthy friendships complicates life. Accepting that promotion complicates life. Challenging yourself to the best you can be complicates life. Trusting God to do what He said He would do when you have no physical proof complicates life. Sharing your work with the world…for them to comment on and criticize complicates life. Stop living scared! You can’t have it both ways. You’ve just got to go for it! You know what makes your heart jump and shout and scream with excitement. You’ve caught yourself daydreaming about it. You want it so bad it frightens you. You know you’ll die unhappy if you never get it. So, why aren’t you beginning the ground work? Why aren’t you praying for it every night? Why aren’t you writing the vision you see so clearly in your head and feel so deeply in your heart? You want God to do it for you? Newsflash: He won’t. This is your journey. The more steps you take, the clearer the path becomes. But, you have to move. You’ve dreamed about it long enough. It’s time to take action. It’s time to take a step in the direction of your dreams. If not, you’ll never get there.

Your homework:

1. DREAM. Lay back and let it all unfold, every detail.
2. Write it out as if you were given your dream to someone else to build. Don’t leave out a single detail.
3. Think of a woman who is living your dream. What does she look like? What are her daily habits and practices? How are they different from yours?
4. Choose one habit to break and one habit to create. Share your old habit & new habit with us in the comments!

Always praying for you,

2 thoughts on “Our Deepest Fear {Woman, Eat!}

  1. Needed this post.My dream for myself is so big but I’m so scared of rejection and failure,I won’t get out of my protective bubble. I’m praying for the strength to do what I dream to do.


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