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100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: Q&A #9&10 {Series}

A short while ago, I met a church member at a coffee house to sit and chit chat. I see her every Sunday and we’re Facebook “friends” but had never had a real conversation. So, I invited her to “coffee.” And, by “coffee” I mean vanilla bean cream frapps. I’m asking the usual questions What do you do? What do you do for fun? Where are you from? when out of the blue she asks So, what’s your salvation story? Huh? What? Um… It reminded me of Alexandra Frazen’s 100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding. People are so much more than their occupation, relationship status, and the town they grew up in. And, if we asked these questions around the table, I think we’d all get to know, really know, each other a little bit better. So, I’m going to post & answer one or more questions per week. Answer the question for yourself in the comments. Or, you could type your answer as a blog post. Just be sure to link-up with me so we can all read your answer. So, are you ready to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know?!! This should be fun!


Question #9

If you could have tea with one fictional character, who would it be?

The majority of fictional characters that I love play roles that (I believe) are similar to who they are in real life. Now, of course, I don’t know them in real life so I could be totally off base BUT, I’m not. 🙂 The two ladies I’d have tea with are Phylicia Rashād (Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan Clayton on BET’s Girlfriends). I just LOVE these two!

Claire had it ALL! Class, beauty, success, family, and confidence that no one dared test! They always gave respect to the African-American culture, showing clips of MLK, Jr’s I Have A Dream speech and featuring BB King, Stevie Wonder, etc. They were known to be involved in their community.

Growing up, there weren’t many successful, black families on TV. To see a black family that had a mom and dad in the home who were successful in their careers, taught their children the value of hard work and education, and who could afford to travel and attend auctions (buying thousand dollar artwork!!!) is probably the deepest foundation of Woman, Live! I sat in front of the TV thinking, “That’s the kind of family I want when I get married and have kids.”  In my eyes, they were perfect! Sitting down to tea with Phylicia Rashād would be phenomenal. 



Joan had THE BEST wardrobe, EVER!!! Fun, flirty, sexy, classy! Everyone raves over Kerry Washington‘s style on the new ABC series, Scandal, but I’d much prefer Joan’s. Joan doesn’t take herself too seriously (as you can see in that last picture of her!). She looked like she led a healthy lifestyle. You see her going out to run in a few episodes. And, she always ate healthy. Like Claire, Joan was a successful lawyer and later in the show, she owned her own restaurant. She wasn’t that great with relationships, but her social life was pretty awesome! Joan and I might trade our tea for a glass of wine and shoe shopping! 🙂



I think when the egg and sperm joined together, God said, “I will create her to be a fierce combination of Claire Huxtable and Joan Clayton.” Haha! Great career that I love, entrepreneur, awesome mother and wife, financially stable, able to travel the world, GREAT WARDROBE!!!, super hot body, lots of social events on my calendar, and with Jesus at the center of it all, of course!

Question #10 Do you have a morning ritual?

This question just made me laugh out loud! So, that means NO. Well, I do, but it’s definitely not worth mentioning. It’s more like a morning train wreck.

Ideally, I’d love to wake up, have some good morning convo with the One who woke me up, go running (like Joan), come back, shower, wake up the clan so they can get dressed while I’m fixing breakfast, chit chat while we’re munching our egg omelets and toast, and head out to my first meeting/coaching session, etc.

I’ll let you know the first day I do this! 🙂

Your turn!

Can’t wait to read your responses. 

6 thoughts on “100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: Q&A #9&10 {Series}

  1. This is such a great idea! Tea with one fictional character–that’s hard, but the first one that comes to mind is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I think we’d get along well because of how similar we are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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