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My Hilarious Saturday on Guam [Woman, Move!]

This weekend, I decided to take my daughter out for a bike ride. First, let me say that taking her out on her bike is something I gladly hand-off to my husband….every time. But, I decided to do a “new thing” last weekend. For one, it has been raining the past few weekends and that particular Saturday was absolutely gorgeous! Secondly, she really wanted to ride her bike! (She just got it for Christmas!) And, thirdly, I’m her mommy, she’s my princess, and my not wanting to sweat shouldn’t trump my quality time with her. So, we went outside and had a complete blast! 

She learned how to turn. HUGE!!! She’s pedaling quite well (on smooth surfaces).  And, *blow the trumpets* she gave me a WORKOUT! I was running down hills, y’all. Have y’all had that moment where you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh! I am my mother!” Me running down the hill in my faded gray shirt, workout pants, boobs bouncing, looking crazy. <—My mother ALL DAY! (Love you, Ma!) And pushing her back up the hill, diving in bushes to save her from crashing….hilarious! 

This year I’m trying to be more active, not because I need to lose weight (which I do) but simply because there are health benefits to being on the move.

Here’s to more moving  in 2014!

What are you doing to ensure you get up and and at ’em?

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With lots of sweaty love,

6 thoughts on “My Hilarious Saturday on Guam [Woman, Move!]

  1. Adorable. What parent doesn’t look like a lunatic chasing a kid on a bike? Yay for bike riding. The pictures are gorgeous. I am so ready for spring!


  2. Beautiful pictures! It is so good you are teaching her how to ride a bike, I wish I was more confident on one. I have bike envy when I see other girls riding a bike. My way of moving more is to walk somewhere if it isn’t too far, instead of taking a bus or the metro. Congrats on being such a good mommy!


    • Thanks, Rebecca! I used to be a road warrior back in elementary school Now…not so much! But, I’d love to get back on a bike and feel the breeze in my face. Sounds like you live in the city now. Where do you reside?


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