Woman, Live!

30 Tips I’d Give My 14 Year Old Self

  1. Don’t slide by just because you can. You will pay later.
  2. Find out what you want to do BEFORE going to college.
  3. Go to college in-state, then study abroad.
  4. When people hurt you, it is often more of a reflection of who they are than who you are. Hurt people, hurt people.
  5. Ask God what He thinks about EVERYTHING!
  6. Yes, you will have beautiful children. For now, focus on something else.
  7. Be secure enough in yourself to admit when you’ve changed your mind or made a mistake.
  8. Don’t date bums. Love will NOT be enough.
  9. Do not open a credit card to get a free slice of pizza or tee-shirt.
  10. When you eat something that’s finger-lickin’ good, ask for the recipe.
  11. Exercise, exercise, exercise!
  12. Don’t rush life or maturity. You learn by living.
  13. Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  14. Stop worrying. Start dreaming!
  15. Everything isn’t worth your energy.
  16. Save for a used car in good condition.
  17. 13 years from now you’re going to stop relaxing your hair. Might as well stop now. 😉
  18. Start tithing now.
  19. You are beautiful.
  20. Your struggles will shape and mold you in such a wonderful way.
  21. God will work everything out for your good.
  22. Nurture your female relationships.
  23. Be gracious to others.
  24. You’re going to marry Travis. Yes, Travis Hawthorne. I know, I know. Just trust me.
  25. Momma, Bubba, Dad & Grandma are’t perfect. Honor them anyway. Respect them anyway.
  26. Spend lots of quality time with your siblings, niece & nephew. You are their role model.
  27. That guy you want to notice you…you really don’t like him. You’re delusional or lonely. Maybe both. Either way…it’s not real, girl!
  28. Play a sport!
  29. Be honest even when it’s hard.
  30. Be original. You’re better at being YOU.

*These were kind of hard to do because as much as I’d like to save myself from all my sucky experiences, I wonder if I’d be where I am today without them. Would I be married to my husband had we not experienced college in the way that we did? Would I be so passionate about helping women if I were Miss Well-Put-Together and didn’t know that pain of lacking confidence, being overweight, and failing in areas everyone thought I’d ACE? Every experience shapes you in such an unforgettable way that it’s almost hard to imagine yourself without having endured it. *Shrugs*

What are some tips you’d give your 14 year old self? 

With Love,

13 thoughts on “30 Tips I’d Give My 14 Year Old Self

    • I guess I added that one because I went to college because it was the next step. In the process I wasted a lot of money and majored in something that I don’t want to do. Of course there’s a silver lining to it: I have a degree, etc. But, I’m going to encourage my children to do informational interviews and guide them through the process instead of telling them to go because “that’s just what you do.” Not that my family did that to me….I did it to myself.


    • You and me, both!!! I wish I could talk to myself every year! Haha! But, instead of looking back, I’m going to try to be PROACTIVE this year and cheer myself on when I’m discouraged, calm myself when I’m becoming unglued, etc. We’ll see how it goes…


  1. I love it! #5 is far and away my favorite. I wish I would have learned this before the age of 38 and even now, I forget a lot. I’m leading a craft for my women’s fellowship where we are making necklaces for the ladies at our small town nursing home. I was feeling very stressed about this until I started praying every time I went shopping for this project, and now it has really come together and I feel good about it.


      • I hadn’t thought of it as testimony, but I guess it is. I am considered “crafty” in town, LOL, but I had not lead anyone in making anything nor do I normally make necklaces. Usually it is earrings or just plain pendants. And then it being something as special as for ladies who are older, I wanted to take into consideration the type of cord, how they could put it on, etc. I was worrying too much, you know. But He guided me and my attitude about the project changed 🙂


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