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Are Your Dreams Robbing God?

Our date of death is not the date etched on our tombstone. The day we stop dreaming is the day we start dying. When imagination is sacrificed on the altar of logic, God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him. In fact, the death of a dream is often a subtle form of idolatry. We lose faith in the God who gave us the dream and we settle for a small dream we can accomplish without His help. We go after dreams that don’t require divine intervention. We go after dreams that don’t require prayer.

Today a friend introduced me to The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears
by Mark Batterson. I read and took extensive notes on 4 chapters in a matter of 2 hours. And, now I’m blogging about it. This book has changed my life already and I’m only 1/4 of the way through. I wanted to share the above thought with you because I know how easy it is to down-size a dream. The older we get, the safer we play. And, understandably so. We have kids to budget for, a mortgage to pay for, and retirement to plan for. But, as our dreams shrink, is our faith shrinking, too? Have we become too calculated? Where’s our raw dependence on God?

What are your thoughts? 

As I read through this book, I’ll be updating the Woman, Live! Facebook page with some quotes that I know will bless you. And, at the end of my week-long synopsis, I’ll be giving away a Kindle copy to one of my Facebook followers. Make sure you’re following Woman, Live! on Facebook to be entered to win!

God bless!

12 thoughts on “Are Your Dreams Robbing God?

    • Good Morning, Amanda. When the author says “dream” he is referring to our goals and passions. Like….giving up our dream of being a world renown speaker and instead doing something smaller that we can do with our own strength. Does that make sense?


  1. What a great quote!! I need to check this book out. When I think of my three year old’s faith in what God can do and then I think of mine, I am put to shame. He believes that God can and will do anything that he asks. Many times when I pray I find myself questioning whether or not God will/can do it, and then when I do see answers to my prayers I wonder “was it really God, or just coincidence?”


    • Or maybe things aren’t really going wrong. I say this because sometimes I believe God for things that aren’t His will for me. And, when I don’t receive them I think, “God, why didn’t you come through? You know I needed/wanted/expected this.” And, everytime something will happen that will make me stop and say thank you for NOT answering that prayer. So, now I when I pray I always say, “if it’s your will…” because God can see further down the road than I can and I don’t want Him to give me something I can’t handle or don’t need to prove himself. He proves himself by saying no sometimes…(It is DEFINITELY a great book! “Like” the Woman, Live! Facebook page to be entered in a drawing a win a Kindle copy.) Thanks for your honest comment!


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