Woman, Live!

The Best Brandi…Straight Ahead!


I’m almost 30! (GASPS!!!) 

And, I’m feeling GROWN. I guess I’m at a point where I feel like I’m “owning” life. I’m grasping opportunities, taking risks, heading in the direction of my dreams. I’m getting this mommy thing together. I’m learning that I had no clue what being a (good) wife entailed and I’m learning (that’s a big step if there ever was one). I’m doing HELL YES things and learning to pass on the Eh….okay things. (My time is precious.) I’m standing up for myself. (You won’t dump on me. You won’t bring your negativity into my space.) I’m letting go of what doesn’t serve me (and my family). I’m okay with keeping something just for me (read: bubble baths, sultry R&B music, girls night out). I’m realizing that I have more power than I ever realized…power to create, change, grow, nurture, and just be PHENOMENAL!

Every woman has that thing that makes her stand a little taller, sit up a little straighter, hold her head up a little higher, puts a sparkle in her eye…

For some it’s 

  • sexy heels
  • manicured nails/toes
  • RED (nails, lips)

What’s that thing that always adds confidence to your stride? 

Moving into my 30’s, there are some things I’ve outgrown. My husband says it’s time to trade in IKEA for West Elm. OBJECTION YO’ HONOR!!! IKEA is THE BOMB and our house will be full of it. But, I get his point. He just means that it’s time to start investing in quality things. Buying the cheap luggage that breaks in a year (or two) is a no-no. Pay a little more for quality. So, I think 30 should bring some new: 

  • luggage
  • real jewelry (Wooden/plastic bracelets I love you but, momma’s gotta upgrade!)
  • quality clothing items (trench coat (if I lived in a cold climate)/white blouse/black dress/perfect fit jeans, etc.)
  • a silk robe
  • nice watch
  • prayer “closet”
  • personal coffee/tea mug

What are some things you want to graduate to as you journey to another level in life? 

Every moment we make choices that lead us somewhere. Wait. I see a sign up ahead. It says The Best Brandi. Well, that’s the direction I’m headed! I hope you’re headed toward being your best self, too! 

What are some goodies I should acquire in 2014? I can’t wait to read your fabulous suggestions!!

Happy Holidays! 

With TONSSSSSSSS of Love, 

4 thoughts on “The Best Brandi…Straight Ahead!

  1. I just turned 30 and I’m going through the same thing! Annnnd we are getting an ikea about an hour away from where I love so I’m totally pumped! Haha


  2. 30 is a time of lots of changes. My husband and I are currently working on getting things going for our own business. We don’t want to work for others in the future. We want to someday work for ourselves. That means we put in lots of hours right now! Lots of stress, but it will be worth it!
    I just wrote my first of many books! It felt great to mark that off of my bucket list!


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