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You’re Eating it Wrong!


I’ve discovered a tiny piece of heaven, Hershey’s Kisses with macadamia nuts. O-M-G! I can’t eat just one. When I put my hand in the bag, my fingers shuffle around for 2 or 3 at a time. I’ve had kisses before, but the macadamia nut was a genius idea. GENIUS. My husband is my best friend which means I tell him everything, especially when it comes to good food! So, I come home and tell him that today I’ve just had the best thing EVER! Because I had eaten more than my share, I decided not to bring any home for him to try. But a week later, I walk into the pharmacy and what do I see? A big bag of Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts! I stuffed a few in my pocket– some of me and two for my husband and daughter.

When we got home I told them to close their eyes and I put one Hershey’s Kiss with Macadmia Nut in their hand. Their eyes lit up! (I love them!) Because I’ve eaten my fair share of these, I pretty much have it down to a science.

The Rules:

1. Unwrap kiss and throw away the wrapper. (I can’t stand seeing that foil all over the place or balled up. Just throw it away!)

2. Pop the kiss into your mouth.

3. Savor the milk chocolate. (No biting.)

 4. Savor some more. (Yum!)

5. Right when you begin to feel the macadmia nut, bit into the kiss, mixing the milk chocolate and macadmia nut.

6. Savor the awesomeness that is in your mouth.

7. Swallow.

Those were the rules I laid before them.

But, what did they do?

They unwrapped the kiss and threw their wrappers away. (They know me very well.)

They popped the kiss into their mouths.

And, they begin to bite and chew.



They didn’t care about my “style” of eating the Hershey’s kiss with macadamia nut. They enjoyed it their way and they loved it.

This scenario reminded me that people should be allowed to be themselves. Sometimes, we believe we have all of the answers.

I’ve done it before and mastered it therefore you have to do it exactly the way I advise you to.


I did it before and messed it up therefore you should never do it this way.


I’m older so you should listen to me.


Your way doesn’t make sense to me so you it must be incorrect. 


I’ve never seen it done that way so the likelihood of it working is slim. 

We shouldn’t be so controlling, so doubtful, and so full of ourselves. Yes, we may have some wisdom, some experience, or an educated opinion, but at the end of the day we should allow others to make their own decisions. It’s unhealthy to get so wrapped up in other’s lives that we feel betrayed when they make a choice we wouldn’t have chosen.

Giving people room to grow and freedom to make their mistakes is love. 

After all, God will use our mistakes to shape and mold us into the person He called us to be. Falling down and learning how to get back up can do wonders for a person. Hasn’t it done wonders for you? Don’t you just love hearing a person’s background story? It gives them depth and character. It would be a shame to refuse someone the right to see their depth, their strength, their resolve.

When we have nothing, nowhere to turn, no confidence to muster up, that is when we go looking for God.

Are you and your controlling ways standing in the way of someone’s freedom, depth, strength, and relationship with God?

With Love,

18 thoughts on “You’re Eating it Wrong!

  1. You are a very gifted writer, I always love reading your posts Brandi! I love the story at the beginning, I have done the exact same thing to my son trying to teach how to enjoy chocolate. 🙂 Next time I try to do that I hope I remember your story and the point that you brought out.


  2. LOL… I just really open my mouth while am reading and commenting right now. The way you give the instruction sounds very funny. The lesson at the end turns up very naturally. Thanks for sharing. I love it a lot.


  3. What is this deliciousness that you’ve introduced? I’ve never seen these but need to find some. Excellent lessons learned I believe. I find myself feeling the same way when my kids do things differently than me. But I’ve learned, if it has the same end result, the how doesn’t really matter.


    • Haha! I have never seen them until NOW.

      I’m learning to let my daughter be her own person. It’s beautiful to watch her grow in a little lady! Why should I make her a carbon copy of me? (The world can only handle one of me, anyway!)


  4. Brandi,

    You have me now wanting some kisses.. I will have to find those. I love chocolate and nuts.. there isn’t any nut I don’t like.

    God has a way of teaching us things in the small things. I know he understand us and what we need and he will teach us wisdom in the small things. We have to continue to be obedient and listen. 🙂 Great post!


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