Woman, Live!

Stop Lying to Yourself.

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. -Psalm 19:14

Women speak about 20,000 words per day. Yes, twenty thousand. And, I’d like to go out on a limb and say that most of us lie all day long. How many times a day do you say to yourself, “I’m not good enough”, “I could never do that”, “I’m not qualified.” How many times a day do you think, “She is such a loser,” “She can’t do anything right,” “She doesn’t have what it takes.” What words and thoughts do you have toward your husband, children, parents, and siblings? What about that person that you absolutely cannot stand? 

All those negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others are lies. They are not the promises of God. 

Say these aloud.
Say them until you believe them…

God says…

  • I am His child. (Rom. 8:16)
  • all of my sins were paid in full on the cross. (Col. 2:14)
  • Peace is mine. (John 14:27)
  • I am an overcomer. (Phil. 4:13)
  • In my own strength and my own power, I can accomplish nothing that pleases Him. (John 15:5)
  • I have been blessed in every way. (1 Cor. 1:5)
  • I am free. (1 Cor. 1:30)
  • He comforts me so that I can comfort others. (2 Cor. 1:4)
  • Forgive others as He has forgiven me. (Eph. 4:32)
  • He enjoys giving me wisdom. (James 1:5)
  • He will never leave me. (Heb. 13:5)
  • He will supply all of my needs. (Phil. 4:19)
  • He has good plans for my life. (Jer. 29:11)
  • I can rest in Him. (Matt. 11:28)
  • Nothing can separate me from His love. (Romans 8:38)
  • He will use my mistakes and shortcomings to bless me. (Romans 8:28)

You see, all those things we say about ourselves and others everyday is a bunch of lies. And, we’ve bought them. In fact, we make those lies the truth because we move in the direction of our thoughts. If you constantly remind yourself of how horrible your friend is, when you see her you’re not going to feel all warm and fuzzy. You’re going to see her in the light you shine upon her whether that’s who she is or not. On the other hand, if you say to yourself, my friend is imperfect just like me. She is deserving of forgiveness, mercy, and love. When you see her, you’re going to be kind and understanding. 

Monitor the lies you speak/think about yourself and others. Whenever a lie pops into your mind say, “That is not true. The truth is…” You didn’t hear that lie one time and take it for fact. It’s been playing and replaying for a while now. So, you must be intentional in replacing it with the truth. And, if you have a hard time believing God’s promises, ask the Holy Spirit to show you why and help you to renew your mind.  

With Love, 

11 thoughts on “Stop Lying to Yourself.

  1. Love this post! What a great reminder that we possess so much power. It all begins in the mind. As I am sure you know, the bible says “as a man thinketh so is he.” Thank you for sharing this word w/ us today!


  2. love this!! I decided a couple years ago not to say things to MYSELF that I wouldn’t let someone say to my KIDS. For example, I would not sit back and tolerate someone telling my child they are unloved (that isn’t even true!) so I will not tell MYSELF that *I* am unloved.


  3. Yes, yes, yes, I totally believe this! I did a lot of this until I began to trust in God and listen to what He had to say. A pastor in Florida once gave a memorable sermon on negative self talk. And he did it in such a powerful way. It was a big church in an old movie theater, so he had to walk down the stadium seating floor and up to the podium. And as he was walking and setting up the podium, a track was playing on the speaker of him telling himself how no one really listened to him, his sermons weren’t good enough, why did he even bother… and then it stopped just as he looked up and said, “Good morning!” I thought, wow, even a pastor goes through what I go through! And then he proceeded to tell us why this negative self talk went against God. I’ll never forget that. And I am learning how not to do this with others too. It is a lifelong process! 🙂


    • What a great idea! And, it’s super relatable. We all have those private (and not-so-private) negative thoughts. But, they’re all lies. It’s good to hear that others struggle from the same thing. When you speak your shame out loud, it begins to diminish…


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