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Why Pray For The Door If You’re Not Going To Walk Through It

Today I began a new reading plan on YouVersion, Elisha: A Tale of Incredible Faith. God told Elijah to go and find Elisha because he was the prophet that was to replace him. He found Elisha plowing the fields and he anointed him the next prophet. Elisha burned his plow, cooked his oxen, fed his friends and family, and left.

Let me repeat this and paraphrase it in Brandi language.

Elijah: Hey Elisha. God said you’re the next prophet. You ready?

Elisha: You bet I am. Give me about 30 minutes.

Destroys his current livelihood (the plow and oxen). 

Throws himself a going away party. 

Kisses his mom and dad goodbye. 

Packs his bags. 

Follows Elijah. 

Many times our story looks like this.

Stephanie: (praying) Lord, help me. I need more money. I want a job I enjoy. I want a better life. Guide me, Jesus. Your Word said you will make a way out of no way. I stand on your Word, Father.

Elijah: Hey Stephanie. God told me you’re supposed to be the next President of Woman, Live!, LLC.

Stephanie: Me? Are you sure?

Elijah: Yes. You need to follow me so we can begin training.

Stephanie: Now? But, what about my job at FedEx? I haven’t given them a 2 weeks notice. I don’t want them to be mad at me in case I need to go back. And, what about my benefits? Does Woman, Live!, LLC. have good insurance?

Elijah: Trust God.

Stephanie: Can my mom come? What about my friend? I pick her up from work everyday at 3:30 pm. Who’s going to help her out? I think God has put me in her life to help her.

Elijah: Trust God.

Stephanie: Where are we going? What’s the weather like? I don’t like being hot. Is it a big city? I can’t live in a small town. I’ll be bored. I’m not going to know anyone.

(pauses to think…)

Stephanie: You know what, I’m just going to stay here. Maybe God wants me to be at FedEx. I think I have a good shot at a promotion next month. My sister needs me. Another opportunity will come along. What God has for me is for me.

Elijah: Okay.

Have you ever prayed for God to open doors in your life and then talked yourself out of walking through them?

What area could you use more faith?

I don’t know how to story ends (and if you do, don’t ruin it), but stay tuned!

(If you want, sign up on YouVersion.com and read it with me! We can chat about it together.)

Always With Love,

15 thoughts on “Why Pray For The Door If You’re Not Going To Walk Through It

  1. Oh yes I have. “Dear God, lead me in the right direction of how to volunteer for a position in church.” (But don’t let it be singing, because I don’t want to get up that early on a Sunday morning for rehearsal. I also don’t like to sing in front of large crowds,” etc.) Yep. Know exactly what you’re talking about here!


  2. You are right when it comes to this post! Im struggling with the fact that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have to realize that he can help me….if I trust him. I will pray for things and then take it back when things don’t look he way I think they should.


    • Getting married made me extra desperate for God. I’ll probably blog about this later. But, it’s what did it for me. I just felt like I’m done it “by myself” for so long and I’ve messed up A WHOLE LOT. Now, I’m going to give you the reins, God.


  3. I haven’t read the story of Elijah and Elisha in a really long time. I love the pint that you brought out. Elisha believed God and would do whatever he was told. Many times I wonder if I was told to do something “crazy” for God would I do it? Isaiah was asked to walk around naked and barefoot for three years to prove a point for God. I read that the other day and thought


  4. This is so true! I have tried as I’ve gotten older to be less specific in my requests to God so that I don’t have an end result in mind if that isn’t what is best for me. You know what I mean? When I was younger, I would say please find me a job….like that. Now I say, God allow me to be aware of my path. Allow me to see what it is you think is best for me. Then I’m not disappointed when he leads me down a different path!


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