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4 Things I Know To Be True

Yesterday morning I was the guest speaker at Christian Women’s Small Business Association Guam Chapter.

But, let’s backtrack to the beginning…

Earlier this year, I was researching women life coaches and the name Kim Hawkins came up. She looked super friendly and I had lots of questions so I contacted her and set up an informational interview. We spoke a couple times.  After taking a look at my 30 before 30 bucket list, she said she saw a few areas she could help me with. The mentor/mentee relationship begins!

Fast forward a few months…

My husband was attending a youth meeting at our church and a young lady introduced herself and struck up a conversation with him. She said her family had just relocated from Texas. He was so impressed with how mature she was. He wanted me to meet her. The next Sunday, she introduced my family to her family. Her mom was so sweet and outgoing. She was definitely one of those women who never met a stranger. Her name was Bernice.

A week later…

My mentor, Kim, shared a link with me from Christian Women’s Small Business Association. They had just started a new chapter in Guam. And, guess who was the president of the Guam chapter. Bernice. I couldn’t believe it! I typed, “OMG! I just met her and her family at church yesterday!!!” Kim couldn’t believe it, either!

A couple weeks later…

Bernice saw a few of my blog posts and asked me to speak at the next CWSBA meeting.

*insert the sound of angels*

It’s moments like these that make me look the skies and smile. I couldn’t have orchestrated this better! But, if I had not started this blog, connected with Kim, and gone to church that morning…this opportunity might not have ever happened.

The point…

You Must Start Today. 

You may not know how the dots will connect, but whatever you’re aspiring to, begin working toward it today.

When You Put God First Good Things Happen To You.

God is the one that opens the doors and creates opportunities. Without him, we won’t have the discernment to know what to say yes to and what to say no to. We’ll lack the wisdom to know what is good for us and what will hurt us (in business, in life, and in our relationships).

Prayer Is The Key. 

I pray that God will put the right people in my path that will help me reach my goals (and carry out His will for my life). I pray that He will guide in everything I do. And, I believe that He will.

God’s Got Your Back. 

I could have contacted any life coach. I could have stayed home from church that day. But, God orchestrated it so that I contacted Kim. And, Bernice chose to come to my church that Sunday. These things aren’t coincidental, honey.

God won’t do what you can do. And, you can’t do what He will do. 

We can’t sit on the sidelines of life and expect God to work it all out and drop it into our laps. We have to be doing our part. And, he will do His part. And, when He does it, He does it better than we ever could!

I encourage you to go learn more about CWSBA. Click here to find a local chapter. Anna Quesada is the founder and from my short Twitter conversations with her (and what Bernice has told me), she seems like a great woman to know.

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God bless, ladies!

And, remember…

He’s Got Your Back. 

With Love,

10 thoughts on “4 Things I Know To Be True

  1. Very well said! Thank you Mrs. Brandi for this & for speaking at our event on Sat., For sure God has our back! What a blessing to be connected with you and your gifting! I’m so excited for what God is going to do thru you and because of you! Keep being a blessing and spreading your sweet spirit every where you go. I am so grateful for your life! “Iron sharpens Iron” and you have done that for me my friend. Have a blessed & prosperous week. xoxxo Bernice 🙂


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