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100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: Q&A #2

A short while ago, I met a church member at a coffee house to sit and chit chat. I see her every Sunday and we’re Facebook “friends” but had never had a real conversation. So, I invited her to “coffee.” And, by “coffee” I mean vanilla bean cream frapps. I’m asking the usual questions What do you do? What do you do for fun? Where are you from? when out of the blue she asks So, what’s your salvation story? Huh? What? Um…

It reminded me of Alexandra Frazen’s 100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding. People are so much more than their occupation, relationship status, and the town they grew up in. And, if we asked these questions around the table, I think we’d all get to know, really know, each other a little bit better.

So, I’m going to post & answer one or more questions per week. Answer the question for yourself in the comments. Or, you could type your answer as a blog post. Just be sure to link-up with me so we can all read your answer.

So, are you ready to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know?!! This should be fun! 


Question #2

What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé?


I’m studying to become a life coach. Life coaches teach from their experiences, mistakes & successes.  A huge part of being a life coach is attracting clients into your life through your lifestyle. You have to be able to live the message that you teach or as Barry White says practice what you preach. Tony Gaskins says, “Be what you are trying to help others become.” So, being a life coach isn’t a job you clock in and out of. Your life should exude the lessons, attitudes, and principals you teach others.

Because of the profession I have chosen,  many things that I have learned and am currently learning may never go on a paper or online resume. However, they are building up my personal development resume for when I coach women to be the best version of themselves.

So, here’s my list:

  1. I’m proud of no longer having a victim mentality (especially as it concerns my mom and dad).
  2. I’ve recently given my husband to God which means less nagging and more praying. I’m very proud of that.
  3. I’m proud of the gentler approach I’ve taken with my 3 year old.
  4. And, I’m proud of the fact that I am 1000% sure that God has plans to prosper me. He will work everything out for my good according to His will.

I’ll never put any of those things on a resume, but I’m super proud of them.

What are some of your proudest moments?

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With Love,

13 thoughts on “100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery & Understanding: Q&A #2

    • Honest stories help other people in their journey. <—That's the life coach in me! 🙂 And, thanks so much for your compliment. You have no idea how much that touched me! I'd love to hear more about your mental toughness. In fact, if you have some wisdom to share with all of us, you should consider guest blogging. 😉


  1. It is an interesting post to analyse our own strengths. I am very proud of having a wonderful family. I am very proud of being able to homeschool my children. I am very proud of having great blogging buddies 😉


    • Awww @ “great blogging buddies”. It’s funny you mention family because when I asked my husband what I’m most proud of within 2 seconds he blurted out “being a mom.” It’s true! I was trying to branch out…


  2. I think you will be a natural at life coaching and very encouraging 🙂 I am proud of overcoming anxiety without medication, about being saved at 38, about my deep connection to my awesome and intense 8yo boy, about the fact I can type 100 wpm and make an origami bird in under a minute. Ha! The bird one is not terribly useful, except to wow people at parties. LOL!


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