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The 16 Worst Type of Selfies – B. Hawthorne Edition

Thanks Jen for sharing The 16 Worst Types of Selfies. The article was hilarious!!!! — mainly because I’ve done most of them. Smart phones have made all of us a little full of ourselves. I remember thinking on vacation, “I have to share this on Instagram! But, why???” Is it just sharing the memories? Is it Look at me!! I’m doing cool things!? Is it My life is better than yours!? And, why do I have to take a picture whenever I have on a cute outfit? Who am I trying to impress? Does the world have to see my new nail color? Do you have to see the sweat drip off my face and know that I just got in a great workout? Is it really just for the blog? 

We all do it to some degree. And, I guess it does inspire somebody, somewhere. But, I think it’s more to pump up our heads than we admit. It all says, “LOOK AT ME!!!” My dinner plate looks like Chef Emerald’s, my closet’s huge, my yard is manicured, my makeup is flawless, my car is expensive, I’m jet-setting here and there and everywhere, my life is great. 

I do it, too, so I’m not knocking you.

I just believe that at the end of the day, the life I portray on IG and FB and T…Twitter, will mean nothing if my real life is lacking. I’m not telling you to post your overdue bills on IG. I’m simply saying to go out and create the life you dream of living. You have the power to do that. And, no one’s stopping you but you.

In the meantime, here are me and some of my shameless selfies!

Have a great one, ladies!

With Love,

1. The “I have enough money to fly” selfie. 

hong kong day day 1 179

2. The gym selfie
iphone pics 2 189

3. The Add A Kid Selfie

August 2013 Iphone 166

4. The “I just woke up” selfie

day 4 hong kong 005

5. The “I eat healthy” selfie

Baptism, Paddleboarding, Girls Night 2013 026

6. The “Watch me drink a vanilla bean cream frapp” selfie.

family weekend 011

7. The “I’m going to say something random like, “Gosh, this water is sooo cold”  but I really want you to see my freshly painted toes in crystal clear water and be jealous of me” selfie.  <—-My fav. 

family weekend 027

8. The bathroom selfie. 

3rd Week of March - scale, graduation 201 007

19 thoughts on “The 16 Worst Type of Selfies – B. Hawthorne Edition

  1. Oddly enough, I never hardly take selfies anymore. I have the same facebook picture… I think since last year. I just don’t have the time to get “pretty” to take a selfie. LOL

    Anyway, you make taking selfies look so good! 🙂 lol


  2. I have quite a few nail.polish selfies,and I’m always adding my kid to my pics. I donz.t think there is anything wrong with posting those kind of pics. Yeah, maube its a tad pretentious but like you said, we ALL have that to some extent. I havr no shame in my selfie game.


    • I get super annoyed when people do the “it’s a nice day out” as they take a pic of their super large house and yard. I mean, if you’re going to do it, be real about it. Just say, “My house is the bomb!” lol. But, we all do it. We want to share our lives with the world. Just make sure it’s not a lie. And, work toward having the life you portray on social media. No shame here, either, though! 🙂


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