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15 Signs You’ve Been “Strong” Too Long

Sisyphean toil

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She cries not because she’s weak. But because she has been strong for too long. -Anonymous

15 signs you’ve been “strong” for too long…

1. Your closest friends don’t know what you’re going through.

2. You haven’t cried in over 6 months.

3. You’re afraid to be vulnerable.

4. You’re afraid to feel so you don’t deal with hurt, disappointment, and pain.

5. You can’t remember the last time you’ve gotten down on your knees to pray.

6. You don’t ask for forgiveness & find it hard to forgive others.

7. You have a hard time empathizing with others.

8. You’re always the victim.

9. You teach people how to tiptoe around your issues.

10. You brush things off with, “I’m fine,” “I’m a big girl,” and “I can handle it.”

11. You never ask for help.

12. You push people away to protect your secret.

13. You try to always be one step ahead as to avoid getting hurt.

14. People don’t feel comfortable being human around you because you always appear to have it together.

15. Everyone thinks you’re super woman.

Strength wasn’t meant to be a shield. Strength is the muscle you get from picking yourself back up after you fall. Courage is saying I love you first. Courage is telling the truth when it’s scary. Vulnerability is being true to yourself not knowing what the outcome will be. Playing it safe is weak. Hiding your emotions is weak. Being so hot-headed you can’t finish a conversation is weak. Crying with friends and family that love you is strength. Saying I’m sorry takes some muscle. Admitting you were wrong is brave. Asking someone to pray for your marriage takes guts. Being a robot, that’s whack. Be human. Laugh. Love. Cry. Fall. Run. Skip in the rain. Soar. Live. 

When you stop cheating yourself out of life and calling it strength, I promise you it’ll feel this good. Or better yet, this good.

Which sign (#1-15) resonates with you the most? How are you going to stop being “strong” and start being courageous? 

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With Love,

*If you’ve haven’t heard of Dr. Brene Brown, I would like to introduce you to her. She has opened the door for all of us to have a ’round the fire discussion on shame, vulnerability, fear, and having the courage to show up. Her Ted talk on vulnerability went uber-viral. You can watch it here. And, don’t forget to check her out on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday & Oprah’s Lifeclass.

10 thoughts on “15 Signs You’ve Been “Strong” Too Long

  1. Very true! To practice and master vulnerability (with those who deserve to see this side of you) is the quickest and most guaranteed way to build a bond built on love, trust and humility.


    • Thanks for your comment, Jessica. You’re right. I feel more alive when I take the risk of being true to myself. Like Dr. Brene Brown says you can’t be courageous without being vulnerable. It’s the only meaningful way to live. Thanks again for reading!


      • Yes! 2013 has been such a growth spurt year, personally. So glad my friends are on the same journey…it helps to make the ride more…..fun!


  2. I think #5 resonates with me the most. My mom died almost 2 months ago and I’ve found myself being strong for my family when I really want to cty my eyes out all day. Lately,I’ve found myself leaning on the Lord and asking him to help me get through this tough time in my life. I pray more& seek His counsel more. If anything good could come of my mother’s passing, it’s definitely be that. She’d be proud to know I’m looking to the Lord alot more since she’s been gone.


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