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Lessons From Tamar Braxton: Fake It ‘Til It’s Real & Don’t Quit

In case you aren’t familiar with Tamar Braxton, she’s the baby sitter of R&B diva Toni Braxton. And, if you don’t know Toni Braxton, well, you must have been living under a rock for the last 20 years. Earlier this year, Tamar released her second album, Love & War. Some of my favorite songs include bassy, dance-tracks like Tip Toe and Hot Sugar. I also love her first single, Love & War and other soulful songs like The One and Pieces.

Most of us are just “getting to know” Tamar through her reality show with her mom & sisters, The Braxton Family Values and her spin-off show with husband Vincent Herbert, Tamar & Vince. And, if you’ve watched even 2 seconds of any episode, you know that Tamar is super confident and very outspoken with a huge, sometimes over-bearing personality. But, what you may not know is that Tamar’s confidence is the result of an abusive relationship. And, despite her beautiful sultry voice, she’s been dropped from 5 labels. I wanted to share this video with you because we often let our past define our present. We secretly ask ourselves, “Who am I to be confident after I’ve failed so many times?” We tuck our dreams away feeling like no one is going to believe in us anymore, afraid that we might just be destined to fail, stay small, and live a mediocre life. Tamar is proof that failure doesn’t exist for those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue to work toward their goal. Yes, sometimes she had to “put on” her confidence when she wasn’t feeling her best, but her story is one that inspires many women to love themselves wholeheartedly. Tamar’s story reminds us that we must first believe in ourselves before anyone else will believe in us. She is a phoenix that rose from the ashes. And, guess what. You’re a phoenix, too.

In Tamar’s words, “If you’re willing to bust your ass and work hard…” you can achieve your dreams.

Watch the video and share your takeaway in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Lessons From Tamar Braxton: Fake It ‘Til It’s Real & Don’t Quit

  1. Yes!!! This is so true!!! I saw this video clip not long ago. We must keep going, picking ourselves back up – this is both the ongoing journey & lesson of life. Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Live In Color! (black & white is overrated) – E


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