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You’re Stressing Too Much: Chilleth Outeth Sayeth the Lord

My husband and I were on vacation last week and while deep in thought I began to pray. My prayer started out pretty chill. Lord, thank you so much for the opportunity. And, before I knew it I was a full-blown mess. Gooooooddddddddd, we reeeeaaallly want x, y, and z.  And, Loooorrrddd, I know that you hear my prayers. That’s when God said, “Brandi. It’s already happening. Chill.” I paused and thought about my prayers from the year before. Lord, we want to travel. (Here we were in Hong Kong.) Lord, you better to tell me what my career should be. The time I attempted to jack God up with my “Look here, Lord!” prayer. I was so serious, too. (Read here about how he revealed my dream to me.) Lord, I’m not an arts ‘n’ craft Mama but I want to engage more with my child. I want her to be smart but I struggle with teaching her. Help me!” (This morning, she reviewed her site words all by herself. And, she’s reading…at 3 years old.) If you think I’m bragging, you’ve completely missed the point. Go back to the top and re-read.

I don’t know what your “jack God up” prayers are. I don’t know what you’re dreaming for and working towards. But, I want you to take a pause and think about the day you realized you wanted to become a mother, get married, lose weight, pay off debt, break up with him, treat yourself better, go to church, home school your kid, switch careers,go back to school, etc. I know that you keep looking at the finish line and wondering will I ever make it? But, I want you to shift your focus. Look at where you are now compared to where you started. Much nicer view, huh? It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at where we’re trying to go. And, I’m not telling you to stop running toward the finish line. In fact, Woman, Live! was created to inspire and encourage you to GO! Don’t stop! Do what you have to do to live the life you dream of living! This blog post is just a friendly reminder to enjoy the ride on the way.

Here I was in Hong Kong on an 8 day vacation with my husband (child-free, might I add) reminding God of how much I wanted to travel and begging him to grant that desire. And, He’s saying, “Brandi. Sweetheart. I don’t know if you realize it but, you’re in Hong Kong on vacation. Calm down.”

I’ll bet God is laughing at you, too. He’s tapping you on the shoulder  reminding you to look around. Look at where He’s brought you. That problem you were worried about last week, last month, last year…you’ve forgotten about it because He worked it out. But, He’s telling you to remember. Remembering will cause you to praise Him in the thick of your circumstance. Remembering will grow your faith. When you remember how He worked it out the last time, you’ll be more hopeful that He’ll work it out this time. You’re not where you were. You’re better. You’re stronger. You’re 5, 10, 15 steps closer.

So, don’t forget to glance back at where you came from. And, don’t forget to take in the view of where you are right now. I recommend writing in a prayer journal to help you keep track of your prayers and how God has answered them. I review my prayer journal once/month and highlight prayers that God answered. It’s such a sweet reminder of His faithfulness.

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With Love,

22 thoughts on “You’re Stressing Too Much: Chilleth Outeth Sayeth the Lord

    • THank you sis for this!! I am very encouraged! YOu are very right – we are a lot closer than where we were before! I am very GOAL oriented and big picture mided so this was so right on time helpinng me give thanks to God for the “along the way blessings” Thank you love your desire to travel & so glad you were able to vacay with your hubby! So romantical!! love u girl!!! thank you for this! xoxoxox


      • You’re so crazy. Romantical! Haha! I’m glad this post encouraged you. I have to stop whining and look back a lot of times to see that God got me here and He’ll take me the rest of the way! 🙂


  1. This was a wonderful post! It’s a sweet reminder of our awesome God. I have to remind myself that he always knows whats best for me. He already has everything in the palm of his hands. Im blessed beyond measure! Again, great post!


    • Thanks, Alicia. I’ve also learned that faith without works is dead. It’s awesome to stay on your knees in prayer but at some point you have to stand up and take some steps toward whatever it is you’re hoping for. He’s taking care of you, girl. He knows the way. Just follow Him. i.e. MOVE! 🙂


  2. Ah, now that’s a reminder I needed. To look at where I’ve been and how far I’ve come and not necessarily the image of where I want to be. Thank you so much for that. I have been very stressed out about some things the last few days, wondering when they would ever get better, when in fact they are already MUCH better than they used to be.


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