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Do You “Put On” Your Confidence Every Morning? Or Does It Live Deep Within?

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of guest blogging on Regal Realness. They talk a great deal about confidence over there and that just so happens to be an area of struggle for me. I remembered the days when I felt very confident and realized they were all superficial. It was because I was dressed in a particular outfit or because my hair looked good or because someone approved of my decision to do…whatever. That made me wonder. Have I ever been confident in the real & raw ME? Do I feel worthy when I look into the mirror first thing in the morning? Or, do I have to add my confidence by way of clothes, handbags, weaves, and academic degrees?

What about you? Do you put on your confidence every morning or does it live within?

Read my thoughts on “putting on” confidence over at Regal Realness. Don’t forget to comment!  

With Love,

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