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My Vision Boards: Poster Vs. Pinterest

Vision Board

A few weeks after miraculously finding some great mags on sale for $0.25, I decided to finally make my vision board. All the cutting and gluing made me feel like I was back in middle school. All I needed was some colored markers and glitter pens to solidify the experience. It took me about an hour and I really did have a great time doing it.

Then, I decided to create another one via Pinterest. And, that one by far my favorite and far less time consuming. All you have to do is create a board and pin the item. No cutting, no gluing, no buying magazines. Check out mine here.

This is probably something I’ll do at least once per year. I believe there’s great benefit in looking at your goals every morning or at least weekly. Life can pull us in so many directions that before you know it we’re entirely off course. Vision boards serve as a reminder of where you’re going. They help us to evaluate if we’re on track or not.

Have you made a vision board? 

Did it help you stay on track with your future goals? 

With Love,


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