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Change Your Story, Change Your Life :: #IAmMySister October Tweet Chat

Hi ladies! Many of you have requested that we switch gears a bit and focus on ourselves. Afterall, when we’re broken, hurting, and bitter who in the world can we help? While I believe we all have a voice and a message to share (whether we’re down in the valley or up on the mountain top), that voice rings with a little hint of wisdom after we’ve climbed a few feet out of the trenches and can see a new view. This is when we can say, “Look at me. I did it. You can, too.” And, who doesn’t love a good testimonial accompanied by guidelines of how to follow suit? So, this month we’re going to talk about acquiring a new perspective. Our belief system can be a great barrier to us having a life of freedom, peace, and fulfillment. Some of the things that rob us of living our best life include:

  • avoiding vulnerability
  • denying forgiveness
  • not knowing who you are because you’re so used to carrying around all your “stuff”
  • And, not investing in things that add value

Currently, I’m overcoming the belief that I’m a burden, I’m not worth it, I was abandoned, and I’m a failure. How can I make it to top of the mountain carrying such heavy bags? And, how can I reach back to help others climb when I’m not sure I deserve to be there myself?

It’s something we all deal with. Let’s help one another heal so that we can live the life of peace, freedom, and abundance we were always meant to live.

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Change your story, Change Your Life ::#IAmMySister tweet chat on Oct. 13th @ 7PM EST. Be there! And, invite a friend!

If you’re looking forward to this tweet chat, please let me know in the comments!

#IAmMySister Tweet Chats happen every month! If you have a topic or would like to be a host, please email me at brandi@womaneat.org. 

Click here to read about Sistas, Shame & Suicide :: #IAmMySister September Tweet Chat.

Can’t wait to see you there!

With Love,

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