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Confessions of A Blogger: Blogging is Hard

When blogging was a hobby, it was…a hobby! No pressure. Say what you feel. All the flavors of popcorn one day. Career tips the next. Who cares?! Now that I’ve transitioned from writing my thoughts to creating a movement, boy is the pressure ON! *insert beads of sweat* From my content schedule to staying on track with the purpose for the blog to collaborating with other bloggers to being present on Twitter and Facebook…it’s a lot. I’ve started other blogs before and while I enjoyed working on them, they weren’t my baby. Woman, Live! is my baby. I want it to grow, mature, and be able to stand on it’s own. I want it to change lives. I want it to bring inspiration. I want it to facilitate forgiveness. I want it to dare people to dream again and invest in making those dreams come true!

I’m not blogging just to past the time.

I want real people with real problems to find my blog. And with it, some answers, practical advice, and other women who can say “me, too!”. I want someone who’s overweight to see my journey and be inspired to workout. I want black women to unite like never before through the #IAmMySister initiative. I want the couch potatoes aka me to get up and begin living.

It’s gotten deeper than “Hey y’all, my favorite color is red.” It’s cerulean, by the way. Now I’m trying to be a change agent. And, I want Woman, Live! to be an A-list personal development blog. But, I don’t want it to be too heavy all the time. I mean, after a few articles on forgiveness and generational curses, a blog post on how I did my at-home pedicure is mandatory! 

But, what is my niche? Who am I writing for? Who likes my writing? Who shares my writing? At the moment, a small few. And, no one’s commenting regularly either except my mentor Kim. Does she count?

And, how do I stay authentic in it all? What if I share a story and someone says, “Can you believe she said that?” and passes it around. Will that shame me? Can I stand in my truth? Can I be comfortable being me when critical eyes are reading and judging my every word? Am I strong enough to say, “I shouldn’t have written that.” Am I strong enough to say, “I’m glad I wrote it even if you don’t agree?”

What if I’m not funny enough? What if I’m not smart enough? What if my readers take my advice and excel while I’m still struggling with the same issue? Am I a fraud? What if I only get 30 subcribers? Did I fail? What if I get 20,000 subscribers? Ok, I’m not going to lie! That would be sweet!! 

So, now that you know that blogging is not easy and most definitely hard work, now you need to know why I do it

What are you doing that’s hard yet worth it? 

With Love, 


6 thoughts on “Confessions of A Blogger: Blogging is Hard

  1. What am I doing that’s hard yet worth it? Glad you asked! I’m blazing a trail in the wilderness. My goal is to implement and develop three solid streams of income focused on living life–physical, mental and spiritual. My tag line says it all: “Let’s Do Life Together!” God never intended for any of us to be on this journey alone. Keep up the good work Brandi, you’re well on your way to doing some amazing things!


    • Wow, Kim! I love it! Yes, let’s do life together! And, 3 solid streams of income. Um, share your secrets, please!! I appreciate your words of encouragement! You’re doing amazing things, too. Can’t wait to see you hit your “sweet spot”.


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  3. Wow. Thank you for this. As a speaker and coach that works with teen girls I recently decided to start a blog for the parents. Not because I have extra time on my hands but because most parents are not aware and I am here to tell it. There are some reals issues going on with our girls and it is time out for ignoring or ignorance. So although this is far from easy it is very necessary.


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