Woman, Live!

God Confirms His Call On My Life Even When I Least Expect It

I had a babysitting gig this morning. While the baby was napping, the mom and I began to chat. We talked about mom stuff aka I want more babies, I want date night with my husband, I want to stay at home with my kids, I want a career, How can I have it all???  But, that’s another post for another day! Turns out we both had bachelors degrees in a field that required a masters in order to have a career, Psychology & Counseling. Bummer. She said that she wanted to back to school and asked me if I wanted the same. I said, “No, I want to be a life coach.” Then, I gave her the 411 about my blog and that ultimately I wanted to be a reconciliator among women. There is so much strife between sister and sister, mom and daughter, friend and friend, boss and employee, WOMAN and WOMAN. And, 9 times out of 10 the relationship can be mended with a little compassion, understanding, acknowledgment and forgiveness. But, we cut each other off in the heat of disagreement long before we are rational enough to hear what the other person is saying. And, many times, it is a relationship worth fighting for. After explaining what I wanted my future career to look like, she begin to explain the situation with her adopted mother and her biological mother. She doesn’t have a relationship with either of them. And, even though the wall around her heart is already built with I don’t care’s and I don’t need you’s, I could tell that she was still very hurt from the lack of support and love. The compassion in me swelled. I wanted to pull out a heart and some pins and tell her, “Every time it hurts, stick a pin in the heart,” (for all my Iyanla fans out there). But, right now I don’t have the skills to take people to that place of hurt which is good because I also lack the skills to help them back out of that hole. Even though all I could give her was my testimony of forgiving my parents and snippets of Bishop TD Jakes Life Class on OWN, I knew that the conversation wasn’t a coincidence. And, I also knew that God was giving me a teeny, itty bittty taste of the commission He has given to me. A year and a half ago, I began to dream a God-sized dream. A dream that I knew was impossible by my own strength. I dreamed about it, panicked about it, prayed about it and gave it to God. And, He confirmed it. In fact, He has confirmed it over and over again. Now I’m just waiting, watching, and preparing myself while He gives it back to me (with His instructions) piece by piece. If you have a dream or desire, give it to God. If he takes it away, that’s fine. He has something better in store. But, when you start to see little dots of “coincidence” popping up here, there, and around the corner, keep your eyes open. They’re not coincidences, honey! They’re God paving the way for His will to be done through you.

How has God confirmed things in your life? 

How have you witnessed Him paving the way for you? 

With Love,

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