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Recap of #IAmMySister Tweet Chat: Sistas, Shame & Suicide

Yesterday was #IAmMySister’s 2nd tweet chat and in honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the topic was Sistas, Shame & Suicide. Our guest host was LaToyia Jones founder of Alive On Purpose. Originally, I was going to host it because LaToyia and I didn’t have time to get all the details together beforehand, but it just so happened that I woke up extra nauseous. So I literally said a prayer, introduced her and laid my head back on the toilet seat. I was tweeting from the bathroom floor, y’all. And, if you were present, you know that the chat was 100% awesome sauce. I don’t even say “awesome sauce” that’s how awesome it was. 

Tonight we learned:


Statistics suggest that every 40 seconds someone is considering suicide!#suicideawareness #IAmMySister


@AliveToyia People who aren’t kind to others aren’t kind to themselves. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. #IAmMySister

@AliveToyia Shame can come from a variety of places: bullying, stereotyping, misunderstanding, ignorance, apathy to pain… #IAmMySister

Did you know that suicidal ideations are 20x more common than the actual attempt?#Shameandsuicide #IAmMySister

Suicide is a 100% preventable, if we know what to prevent. #IAmMySister

How can we prevent it:


Did you know that your story of survival can be just the things needed to help someone LIVE? #IAmMySister


@AliveToyia By not pretending we are perfect. It stops others from sharing their truth with us. Be real. #IAmMySister

@Delilah_Aguilar @IAmBHawthorne both of you have said this so great! WE MUST SHARE OUR STORIES? #IAmMySister

@AliveToyia Share your story. When you’re vulnerable and honest, it gives other women permission to live in their truth, too.#IAmMySister

@AliveToyia we should share our stories more often. we don’t have to be perfect patty. we can talk about it & still be poppin’.#IAmMySister

What can I do to help?


@AliveToyia Someone around you needs your encouragement, a smile, a hug, a prayer. Give freely to your sister #IAmMySister

@AliveToyia @IAmBHawthorne It only takes one woman to start change. Be the better woman. Catch yourself before you do it.#IAmMySister

@AliveToyia @MistyAngelique I think it goes deeper. Those who contemplate suicide feel alone. We must remind them they’re not.#IAmMySister

You have a responsibility to help your sister.#IAmMySister

And above ALL, you must LOVE your sister. For it may help prevent Shame & Suicide!#IAmMySister

There’s always hope.


@AliveToyia I am an IMPERFECT WOMAN and have a past but won’t let it define who I am. Love and excellence is within me.#IAmMySister

@AliveToyia Don’t believe the lie that you are alone. No matter how terrible your story, some1 else can relate. Call for help.#IAmMySister

#IAmMySister because when nobody else has your back remember I’m listening..#IAmMySister #suicidalthoughts #shame#yourloved

Nothing is worth losing a sister/friend to suicide. You are never alone because you have me to help fight battles w/you.#IAmMySister

@AliveToyia You are not alone. I am here with you. I won’t shame you. I won’t belittle you. I won’t judge you. #IAmMySister

“Even on your bad days, Life should still be sweet”. Your life is too sweet to take, you are worth living! #iammysister

Know that I am indeed your #sister Different address, different location, different shade of color, still forever connected! #IAmMySister

Questions to ask yourself:


Will you stop subtweeting your sister if you knew that the result of your subtweet was shame and suicidal thoughts? #IAmMySister

Will you look deeper at your sister & not judge the appearance of what you believe that she is facing as a result of this chat?#IAmMySister

Will you dare to let things go if it means that your sister will live in peace? #IAmMySister

Will you have the courage to forgive even if another sister is not sorry, so that you can LIVE ON PUPOSE and not walk in defeat#IAmMySister

Will you leave the past in the past? Will you help your sister heal and not hurt her?#endsuicide #IAmMySister

What if the words you wanted to say on IG, twitter, and facebook left your sister in depression? Would you hit the BACKSPACE?#IAmMySister

 How can I make it right with my sister?

AliveToyia Dear sister, if I have offended you I am sorry, for I may not ever get the chance to say it!#IAmMySister
IAmBHawthorne @AliveToyia The 2 most powerful words when we’re in struggle are, “Me, too.” Be a “Me, too,” friend. #IAmMySister
AliveToyia Be a #sister not just to those you “like” but to everyone you encounter! #love #IAmMySister
@AliveToyia When I look at you sister, I see myself. I’ll treat you the way I want to be treated. #IAmMySister

Don’t be so quick to judge someone with suicidal ideation, instead ask how you can be of assistance #iammysister

@IAmBHawthorne @AliveToyia speaking your truth defeats your shame! I know it b/c I had to learn to speak mine.

Thanks for the love! We appreciate your support!


@IAmBHawthorne @AliveToyia You are a GIFT to me and this world. You are irreplaceable. #IAmMySister

@AliveToyia @IAmBHawthorne I loved this!!!

@IAmBHawthorne @AliveToyia Excellent dialogue ladies!

@IAmBHawthorne @AliveToyia great topic ladies.. Glad for the invite to join the conversation.. Until next time #BEBLESSED

Please follow @IAmBHawthorne as she continues the #IAmMySister mission. Check out her blog brandihawthorne.wordpress.com

Big hugs to @AliveToyia & @AliveOnPurposefor hosting this #IAmMySister tweet chat. I feel so empowered & uplifted. Be sure to follow her!

Pass it along!


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)#IAmMySister

And remember…


The #IAmMySister initiative started by @IAmBHawthorne starts this month and tweets chats continue every month thereafter!

If you’d like to suggest a topic and/or host a#IAmMySister tweet chat, email Brandi at brandi@womaneat.org.

Leave a comment. 

What were your takeaways from #IAmMySister and Sistas, Shame & Suicide? What topic would you suggest for our next tweet chat?  

With Love,

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