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A Small Reminder For All My Overzealous, Overscheduled Moms (& Dads)

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I’m always planning…always thinking…

I have goals I want to accomplish, deadlines I want to meet, and my daughter is a constant reminder of just how much I have to do to create the life I want to live (for me and for her).

What extra-curricular activity should I put her in next? Should we continue swim lessons until she’s in the Olympics?! Did we talk about God today? Did I schedule enough play dates this week? Should she be adding and subtracting already?

Then, on a laid back, easy-going day I look at her smiling face as she blows bubbles and throws rocks and suddenly I remember…

I remember making mud pies. I remember digging small ditches and drowning all the ants I could find. I remember doing cartwheels in my front yard. I remember taking my puppy for a walk. I remember having bike races with my cousins. I remember having dance competitions and harmonizing to the Hokey Pokey at the skating rink. And, I remember having the time of my life! Yes, I enjoyed cheerleading and colorguard and the step team and forensics. But, I also enjoyed just being a kid, throwing rocks and blowing bubbles.

If you’re a planner and a thinker like me…

If you’re obsessed with giving your child everything you never had…

Take a moment to remember all the great things you did have and add a few of those to your to-do list every week.

With Love,

3 thoughts on “A Small Reminder For All My Overzealous, Overscheduled Moms (& Dads)

  1. This post brought me back.. especially with the mud pies and the bubbles. I spent a lot of time outside having the time of my life flipping over rocks and and running through fields. Unfortunately, our apartment doesn’t have a yard and I feel like they’re missing out on the fun in being outside. So I compensate.. or think I am.. by thinking of all these events to attend, etc. And most of the time, we end up at the park.. and they literally have the time of their life. Just like me, they enjoy the simple things most and I want to give them more experiences like that.

    Awesome post!


    • We have an apartment, too. And, no yard. Just a gravel driveway. I beat myself up over the fact that I”m not an arts ‘n crafts mom so I “settle” for just going outside. She doesn’t consider it settling AT ALL! She throws rocks and runs and flips and sings! She reminds me that the simple things are still the good things.

      Thanks for your comment!


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