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If You Ever Needed Proof That The Universe Works On Our Behalf When We Show Up

This morning my mentor suggested I create a vision board. I was introduced to this idea a couple of years ago, but never started the project because I don’t buy magazines. Reading gossip stories while I stand in line at the supermarket pretty much sums up my magazine reading. And, I definitely wasn’t going to spend $4 for a magazine and cut it up! So, I thought I’d just put it out there (probably on Facebook) that I was interested in taking any old magazines off of anyone’s hands. While at the library checking out books for my kiddo, guess what’s for sale (for the first time EVER)? Magazines!! $0.25 each! And, ones that I would actually enjoy reading like Body + Soul, Simple Living, O, and Shape! I couldn’t believe it! I went magazine crazy!

I’m a firm believer in “showing up.” I could have said, “I’ve been out all morning. So, I think we’ll just skip toddler story hour.” But, I fulfilled my promise to my daughter, made her day, and found something I needed. I love when things work out! I can’t wait until tonight when I can sneak away with all my magazines!

And, this is just one of gazillion ways God has provided for the least of my needs.

If there’s something you need or want, speak it aloud. I want ______. I need _______. Tell your friends & family. But, most important, tell God. And, be on the lookout for everything you need to appear because you spoke it, you believed it, and you showed up!

 My God will use his glorious riches to give you everything you need. He will do this through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)


P.S. Don’t forget to say “Thank you!” when it appears! ; )

With Love,

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