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Have You Ever Made A Sandwich With A Three Year Old?

Woman, Live! isn’t all about losing weight, boonie stomping, and restoring relationships.

Woman, Live! is about being satisfied with what how you’ve lived your life when it’s time to go. 

How did people feel when they were around you? Did you bring light to your part of the world? Did you do the things that mattered to you? When your life flashes before your eyes, will it be a show you’d want to watch over and over again?

My 3 year old daughter loves to help around the house. It’s her new thing. She puts clothes in the washer. She puts clothes in the dryer. She folds clothes. I refold them. When I take out my broom and dust pan, she runs to get hers. But, her favorite thing to do is help make lunch especially if we’re having sandwiches. She pulls out all the ingredients: bread, mayo, spicy mustard, turkey, ham, roast beef (we like cold cuts!), American cheese, and two butter knives. Let the fun begin! We take turns making letters with the spicy mustard and high-fiving each other. “Good job, Mommy!” “Thanks, Arden.” “No Problem, Mommy.” With the meat laid just perfectly and each corner mysteriously eaten off the cheese, this sandwich is truly a work of art.  We cut the sandwich in 4 squares, add some fruit to our plates, and lunch is served. It takes 15 minutes longer than usual, but it absolutely makes her day.

When you have children the days can get repetitive, can’t they?

Laundry, dishes, floors, beds, lunches, shopping, dinner, bath, bed, potty, bed, potty, bed, monster in my room, bed, (is that a snore I hear????) FREEDOM!!, laundry, dishes, floors, beds, lunches…

Take the blah out of it by slowing down and doing something memorable with your kiddo. If you have young kids, let them help you with the chores like bed-making, sorting laundry, picking up, etc. And, if your kid is anything like mine, sandwich making is sure to be a hit. But, if your kids are older, grab some paint and go out in the backyard with a brand new canvas. The bowling alley and skating rink are always fun! Even scheduling a mid-day movie & popcorn. Moments like these enhance your life. My daughter high-fiving me over spreading some mustard reminds me that life is all about the little moments.

My daughter just told me to turn my computer off so we (her babies included) can go to the “movies.”

Don’t forget that this is living, too, my friend.

What life lessons is your child(ren) teaching you? 

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With Love,

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